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Find out more about Bosch Sensortec and its MEMS Sensor Solutions.

We revolutionize electronic products

Bosch has been active in the field of MEMS since 1988 and is one of the pioneers in the microsystem-technology. Several hundred different types – ranging from pressure and acceleration to yaw sensors – have since then been manufactured for the automotive industry.

Bosch Sensortec, founded in early 2005, is a one hundred percent subsidiary of Robert Bosch GmbH. The company offers micro-mechanical sensors, application and foundry service for consumer electronics, security systems and logistics.

Bosch Sensortec has access to the development and manufacturing competencies of the Bosch Automotive Electronics division in Reutlingen. The short distance between Bosch Sensortec and Bosch Automotive Electronics makes for flexible and close cooperation during all project phases.

This puts Bosch Sensortec in the position to not only focus on new applications, but to also quickly respond to special customer wishes. Due to its integration in the Bosch Group, Bosch Sensortec is capable of a rapid adaptation of existing sensors in new areas of application. Completely new and customized applications of micro-mechanical systems are also being developed.