Best of Sensors Expo 2015

Best of Sensors Expo Innovation Award 2015

Bosch Sensortec and Akustica Win Awards for Outstanding Innovation at the Sensors Expo & Conference in Long Beach, California.

This was a big week for Bosch Sensortec and Akustica as we continue our quest for outstanding innovation in the field of micro-technology. On Thursday, June 11, Akustica and Bosch Sensortec were announced winners in the 2015 “Best of Sensors Expo” by Sensors Magazine: the go-to source for groundbreaking design and smart sensor technology. Akustica was presented with the Gold for achievement for producing the industry’s smallest top-port MEMS microphone. Bosch Sensortec was awarded the Bronze for the BME680 Integrated Environmental Sensor that significantly impressed the panel of judges at the expo.

The Sensors Expo & Conference has been active for 30 years, making this conference the pioneer in defining and upholding the standard throughout the business of sensor technology. This year’s awards focused on sensor applications and sensor technology innovations, areas in which Bosch Sensortec excels. Bosch Sensortec and Akustica were named “companies to watch” as they continue to challenge the industry standard.


Electronic product of the year 2015

6-axis MEMS Sensor BMI160 is "Product of the Year"

The readers of the trade magazine “Elektronik” selected the 6-axis Inertial Measurement Unit BMI160 as “Product of the Year 2015” in the sensors category. For the 17th time readers were able to vote between 111 products in 11 different categories. The winner in the sensor category is the Inertial Measurement Unit BMI160 from Bosch Sensortec.

The 6-axis sensor integrates a state-of-the-art 16 bit accelerometer and an ultra-low power gyroscope into a single package. The ultra-low power consumption of typically 950µA, the compact LGA package of 2.5 x 3.0 x 0.8 mm³ and the precise computation make the BMI160 ideally suited for use in mobile applications like augmented reality or indoor navigation which require highly accurate, real-time sensor data. The BMI160 is the world’s smallest and most efficient measurement unit of this kind so far.


Electronic product of the year

9-axis MEMS Sensor BMX055 is "Product of the Year"

The readers of the German trade magazine "Elektronik" selected the absolute orientation sensor BMX055 as "Product of the Year 2013" in the sensors category. For the 15th time readers were able to vote between 111 products in 10 different categories.
The winner in the sensor category is the absolute orientation sensor BMX055 from Bosch Sensortec. The 9-axis sensor is the first in the market with all components – accelerometer, gyroscope and geomagnetic sensor – developed and manufactured in house. With a footprint of 3.0 x 4.5 mm², the sensor is at the same time the smallest on the market.


Electronic product of the year

Acceleration Sensor BMA220 is "Product of the Year"

The readers of the trade magazine "Elektronik" selected the triaxial accelerometer BMA220 as "Product of the year" in the sensors category. Readers were able to vote between 111 products in 10 different categories. The winner of the category “Sensors” is Bosch Sensortec's acceleration sensor BMA220. This sensor is the first to be launched of the 2x2mm product family, which is setting standards with its small size and low power consumption. "The prize 'Product of the year' shows that the market honors the technology leadership of Bosch Sensortec's products", says Frank Melzer, Bosch Sensortec's Chief Executive.


German future award

German Innovation and Advanced Technoloy Prize 2008

The German Federal President Horst Köhler presented the 2008 German innovation and advanced technology prize in Berlin. The award goes to the research and engineering team made up of Dr. Jiri Marek, Dr. Michael Offenberg from Bosch and Dr. Frank Melzer from Bosch Sensortec for developing essential key processes for surface micromachining, thus creating the conditions for the manufacture of small, cost-effective, powerful, and energy-efficient sensors. Furthermore they have taken this technology to a stage where it can be used in mass production, opening up a global market for micro-mechanical sensors - a market that Bosch leads today.

With this innovation and advanced technology award, Federal President Horst Köhler singles out researchers and enineers who, on the basis of excellent research, pave the way for the market launch of remarkable projects and products, create and secure jobs, and improve the standard of living in Germany.


Frost & Sullivan Award

2008 Global Frost & Sullivan Award for Product Innovation

Bosch Sensortec received the 2008 Global Frost & Sullivan Award for Product Innovation in recognition of its development of SMD500 and BMP085 – high performance, smallest digital pressure sensors for the consumer market. The award was received for the consequent transformation of market requirements regarding smallest size, highest performance and resolution. The match of these main criteria opens up the market of pressure sensors for mobile devices, as for example the application of altimeter reading, pedestrian- or indoor navigation in combination with location-based services within a cell phone.


Elektronik Produkt des Jahres 2008

SMB380 is "Product of the Year 2008"

This renowned award has been presented for the tenth time already and is based on a readership election that is done on a yearly basis. The "Elektronik" magazine is a monthly, leading German electronics magazine that targets engineers working in product design and development.

The triaxial acceleration sensor SMB380 won in the category "Sensors", one of ten categories of electronic components and electronic devices.

Elektronik says "the choice of the electronic-products of the year shows a know-how and an innovation barometer of public opinion within the Electronics industry".


E&E best product of the year

SMB380 is E&E's "Best Product of the Year"

Bosch Sensortec was awarded for the SMB380 being the Best Product of the Year.

The readership of E&E chose the SMB380 amongst 41 other products to be the best within the category of analog and mixed signals.

E&E is a monthly electronic magazine of the publish-industry group featuring trends in technologies and the electronics industry sector.