Date Event Place Booth Website
April 14, 2015 HX360 Chicago, IL Panelist Marcellino Gemelli "The Future of Sensing Technologies" link
April 21, 2015 MEMS Engineer Forum Tokyo, Japan Speaking opportunity Udo Gómez: "Smart Sensor Systems - enabling the IoT" link
April 28, 2015 VLSI -TSA Conferenz Hsinchu, Taiwan Speaking opportunity Peter Hsieh: "IoT Evolution – by Crossing Application Domains" link
May 20, 2015 Meptec MEMS Technology Symposium San Jose, CA Speaking opportunity Marcellino Gemelli: "The Future of MEMS Sensors in Our Connected World" link
June 9, 2015 Sensors Expo Pre Conference Symposium Long Beach, CA Speaking opportunity Marcellino Gemelli: "Sensor fusion and environmental sensors" link
June 9 - 11, 2015 Sensors Expo & Conference Long Beach, CA Speaking opportunity Francois Beauchaud: "Building sensor subsystems for wearables & IoTS" link
September 14 - 16, 2015 ION GNSS+ Tampa, FL Speaking opportunity Marcellino Gemelli: "Sensor augmented indoor navigation and positioning" link
November 4- 6, 2015 MEMS Executive Congress US 2015 Napa, CA   link