Image stabilization

Today almost all mobile phones are equipped with cameras. The actions required to use the camera - especially with the reduced size of the buttons - require uncontrolled movements that can be corrected using.



Freefall detection

Hard-disk-drives are included in many portable devices such as Laptops, PocketPCs, PDAs, MP3 Players and portable media centers. If these devices should be dropped, the HDD head can slide over the drive erasing the data. Using a MEMS sensor, the freefall can be measured and act as a safety feature that can signal the hard disk head to park away and protect all data. This is done using an acceleration sensor that can detect movements along all three dimensions (X, Y and Z axis).



Augmented Reality

Augmented reality enhances your current perception of reality. The view of a real-world environment is augmented with computer-generated information in real-time based on sensory inputs such as linear acceleration, rotation, gravity. These sensory inputs are provided by Bosch Sensortec sensors.