Outdoor & Fitness

Health monitoring

Using a MEMS sensor medical devices like pace makers can adapt to the activity of the patient. Further more, blood pressure can be measured invasively or non-invasively. Acceleration data coming from different parts of the body can monitor the evolution of a disease, for example before and after therapeutic treatment.



Context awareness

Devices may require dedicated setup or specific fine tuning to enhance performance and they are usually managed through the menu functions. However, now using MEMS these devices can sense the context it is in and react accordingly. For instance, users no longer need to switch on or off the ring tones manually on their phone. By simply placing the phone upside down the ringer can be switched off. Projectors can sense angles or positions and adjust the picture accordingly.



Activity monitoring

Athletes can now practice sports while having immediate feedback on their performance. MEMS accelerometers can be placed into an easy and light portable device that can measure their status. This information can be stored and kept track of over time to keep track of progress and adjust a user’s workout program.




MEMS Sensors can measure a temperature and control a device, e.g. give alarm in case the measured object is overheated, or simply indicate the surrounding temperatur, e.g. in outdoor activities as a parameter of weather condition.