The BMC050 is a fully compensated electronic compass including a triaxial geomagnetic sensor and a triaxial acceleration sensor (6 degrees of freedom) that delivers excellent performance in very small size. The BMC050 allows for determining precise tilt-compensated geomagnetic heading information and for providing accurate acceleration sensor data.

The BMC050 6-axis, digital e-compass comes in a small 3mm x 3mm x 0.95mm LGA package. It comprises Bosch Sensortec proprietary FlipCore geomagnetic sensing technology with Bosch Sensortec’s well-proven, leading edge MEMS sensor technology for the accelerometer.


Accurate tilt-compensated orientation information for:

  • navigation (GPS enhancement / map rotation)
  • location based services (LBS)
  • augmented reality
  • in combination
  • with a pressure sensor for indoor navigation

Parameter Technical data
Digital interfaces I²C, SPI (3/4wire)
4 interrupt pins
Current consumption
(regular mode)
540 μA @10 Hz
Current consumption
(low power mode)
190 μA @10 Hz
Supply voltage 1.62 V ... 3.6 V
Supply voltage I/O 1.20 V ... 3.6 V
Operating temperature -40 °C ... +85° C
Package (LGA type) 3 x 3 x 0.95 mm³
Geomagnetic sensor  
Measurement range ± 1000 μT
Resolution 0.3 μT
Acceleration sensor  
Stand-alone operation supported
Resolution 10 bit
Programmable g-range ±2g / ±4g /
±8g / ±16g
Zero-g offset ±80 mg
Sensitivity tolerance ±4 %
Interrupts Acceleration sensor
  • Data-ready (e. g. for processor synchronization)
  • Any-motion (slope) detection (e. g. for wake-up)
  • Tap sensing (e. g. for tap-sensitive UI control)
  • Orientation change recognition (e. g. for portrait/
    landscape & face-up/face-down switching)
  • Flat detection (e. g. for position sensitive
  • Low-g / high-g detection (e. g. for shock and
    free-fall detection)

Geomagnetic sensor
  • Overflow detection
  • Low-g / high-g threshold detection


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