Sensor Hub Solution for Windows 8.1

Product Components Size (mm³) Digital Resolution Promotion Status
BNO055 Acceleration Sensor (BMA255)
Gyroscope (BMG160)
Geomagnetic Sensor (BMM150)
32-bit Microcontroller
Sensor Fusion Algorithms
5.2 x 3.8 x 1.1 Accelerometer (A): 0.98 mg
Gyroscope (G): 0.004 °/s
Magnetometer: (M): 0.3 μT

Sensor Hub partner

"Atmel has partnered with the market-leading sensor manufacturers and sensor software providers to offer complete system solutions running on the Atmel platform. These partners offer innovative system solutions and services on the Atmel platform that will reduce time-to -market and enhance the user experience."