The BMP180 is the new digital barometric pressure sensor of Bosch Sensortec, with a very high performance, which enables applications in advanced mobile devices, such as smart phones, tablet PCs and sports devices. It follows the BMP085 and brings many improvements, like the smaller size and the expansion of digital interfaces.

The ultra-low power consumption down to 3 μA makes the BMP180 the leader in power saving for your mobile devices. BMP180 is also distinguished by its very stable behavior (performance) with regard to the independency of the supply voltage.


  • Indoor navigation
  • GPS-enhancement for dead-reckoning, slope detection, etc.
  • Sport devices, e.g. altitude profile
  • Weather forecast
  • Vertical velocity indication (rise/sink speed)

Parameter Technical data
Pressure range 300 ... 1100 hPa
RMS noise expressed
in pressure
0.06 hPa, typ. (ultra low power mode)
0.02 hPa, typ. (ultra high resolution mode)
RMS noise expressed
in altitude
0.5 m, typ. (ultra low power mode)
0.17 m, typ. (ultra high resolution mode)
Relative accuracy
VDD = 3.3 V
950 ... 1050 hPa/ ±0.12 hPa
@ 25 °C/ ±1.0 m
700 ... 900 hPa/ ±0.12 hPa
25 ... 40 °C/ ±1.0 m
Absolute accuracy
p=300 ... 1100hPa
(Temperature =0 ... +65°C,
Pressure: -4.0 ... +2.0 hPa
Temperature: ±1 °C, typ.
Average current
(1Hz data refresh rate)
3 μA, typical (ultra-low power mode)
32 μA, typical (advanced mode)
Peak current 650 μA, typical
Stand-by current 0.1 μA, typical
Supply voltage VDDIO
Supply voltage VDD
1.62 ... 3.6 V
1.8 ... 3.6 V
Operation temp.
range full accuracy
-40 ... +85 °C
0 ... +65 °C
Pressure conv. time 5 msec, typical (standard mode)
I²C date
transfer rate
3.4 MHz, max.
type / pin no.
LGA / 7
Package dimensions 3.6 x 3.8 x 0.93 mm³

Type of document Download
Flyer BST-BMP180-FL000-02
Datasheet BST-BMP180-DS000-12
Driver BMP180 driver