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Sensing solutions for wearables & hearables

Wearables and hearables

With the fast-growing market segments of wearables and hearables such as fitness trackers, end consumers have increasingly demanding requirements. Besides ease of use, one of the most essential aspects for end users is a long battery life of the devices, without having to compromise on always-on applications such as accurate step detection, activity recognition, fitness tracking or calorie counting. By embedding Bosch Sensortec's ultra-low power inertial, environmental and smart sensors, manufacturers of wearable and hearable devices can meet and exceed user requirements and preferences. Features such as gesture and context recognition or position tracking enhance intuitive user interactions and navigation experiences at low power consumption for an optimal user experience, improving users' lifestyle and well-being.

Sensor requirements for wearables and hearables

With the increasing development of wearable devices like smartwatches, hearables, fitness trackers, smart glasses, smart jewelry and smart clothes, power consumption is becoming even more important. All these wearables have one important thing in common: they are typically significantly smaller than smartphones and have thus even less space available for batteries. Hence the requirement for sensors, such as humidity sensors and temperature sensors, that consume even lower power is quite obvious. On the other side, these wearable devices rely even more on useful and precise data from sensors. Usually, higher sensor precision and more demanding sensor use cases come along with higher power consumption. Here, new power-saving and yet high-precision concepts are required. In order to meet these requirements for a long battery life and multi-functional wearable and hearable applications, Bosch Sensortec provides a broad portfolio of small-sized, highly integrated and low power sensing solutions with a broad range of integrated features. Another important aspect for manufacturers is the simple integration of the sensor. Bosch Sensortec offers documentation and sample code and enables a simple PCB soldering, to ensure a smooth process of integrating the sensor into the final end device.

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Reliable and carefree navigation to every destination enabled by Bosch Sensortec sensors

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Bosch sensor solutions enable wearable devices

Have a look and see how our sensing solutions accompany people in their daily lives. From setting alarms, navigating through citites and buildings to tracking fitness and health.

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Position tracking

The BHI160BP is a position tracking smart sensor enabling new and innovative features such as always-on-position tracking and a GPS sleep mode. When losing GPS, the sensor automatically switches in the position tracking mode, whereby accuracy can be improved.

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World champion

The BMA400 accelerometer was developed for wearable and IoT applications. It uses ten times less current than standard accelerometers whilst delivering exceptional performance. Thereby, the devices batteries need less frequent charging and replacement.

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Reference designs

Bosch Sensortec is partnering with established and emerging companies to provide the most comprehensive and leading-edge reference designs to the market.

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The “Marauder’s Map”

is one of Harry Potter's best-known tools, but is such a map feasible in real life? Yes, it is! An essential part of the technology is the interaction between software and motion sensors which, in turn, could transfer the “Marauder’s Map” to our “Muggle World.” Check out the story:

Application boards

Application boards

The Bosch Sensortec application board is a versatile demonstration and evaluation environment for sensors from Bosch Sensortec.

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Find out more about our sensors and how to use them. We provide further information and guides to you in our application notes.

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All relevant drivers are uploaded and free for download via the Bosch Sensortec GitHub channel.

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