A wristband personal alarm clock will make sure that not only will you get up on time but also in sync with your natural biorhythm. A smartwatch can improve your health by detecting poor air quality in your environment. Smart fitness wear can improve the efficiency of your workout by measuring your speed and calorie consumption. What do all these wearable applications have in common? They are made possible by the almost invisible MEMS sensors and clever sensor solutions.


Be an inventor

Open-minded people like to discover new things, and when these people have a talent for invention then great and awesome things can arise. This is exactly the case with Guido Burger, he is a super-creative person, an explorer and inventor. Guido Burger was a creator from a very early age. His first contact with the digital world was his Sharp pocket computer, he built an analog to digital converter for it. Today he is working on much more sophisticated projects...



Do-it yourself smartwatch

Guido Burger was using a fitness-tracker for step counting. But unfortunately with this wristband, steps were also being counted during a car ride. So Guido Burger thought up a unique solution to solve this problem and invented his first DIY Fitness-tracker utilizing the barometric pressure sensor BMP180 from Bosch Sensortec. But this was by no means not the end, he then added a bluetooth interface to the smartwatch for smartphone notifications. What is Bosch Sensortec´s role in this smartwatch? The barometric pressure sensor BMP180 enables weather forecasts, barometric pressure and altitude measuring. For example, this sensor enables your device to check the altitude on a map to plan the best route or the local weather forecast for your next hike.



Sensors used in wearable applications



The BMA400 is an ultra-small and ultra-low power acceleration sensor for wearables and IoT applications.


BMP280 is a barometric pressure sensor especially designed for mobile applications. The sensor module is housed in an extremely compact package. Its small dimensions and its low power consumption allow the implementation in battery powered devices such as mobile phones, GPS modules or watches.


The BMI160 is an ultra-small, low power, low noise 16 bit inertial measurement unit designed for mobile applications like Augmented Reality applications or indoor navigation which require highly accurate, real-time sensor data.


With its embedded intelligence BMA422 is unique in the class of consumer grade accelerometers for smartphones, wearable devices and toys and gadgets.



and many more sensors of our product portfolio can be used for wearable applications.