A collection of pictures, videos and graphics presents a profound impression of Bosch Sensortec.

  • Videos

    Bosch Sensortec Position Tracking Smart Sensor BHI160BP

    Bosch Sensortec accelerometer BMA400

    Bosch Sensortec MEMS scanner BML050

    Bosch at CES 2017 - Multiply your senses!


    Bosch at CES 2017 - Intelligent Technology

    Tutorial: How to calibrate the absolute orientation sensor BNO055

    With all the senses: a “tour of extremes” through Shanghai

    The heart of a successful device: The Bosch Vital Sensor Hub


    CES 2016: Sensors for CE and IoT applications

    Application Specific Sensor Nodes BNO055 and BMF055 - Sensors for all your ideas!

    Optical and electronic image stabilization enabled by Bosch sensors

    Bosch sensor solutions enable wearable devices


    Bosch Sensortec - Sensational 10 years

    Integrated Sensor Hubs

    CES 2015: Roger Demonstration

    CES 2015: world’s first environmental combo sensor


    Integrated Environmental Unit BME680

    Integrated Environmental Unit BME280

    Bosch Sensortec accelerometer BMA400

    Inertial Measurement Unit BMI160


    Bosch Showcases a world of connected devices enabled by MEMS

    CES 2014: Integrated Environmental Unit BME280

    Bosch MEMS enabling the Internet of Things and Services