Ready to use firmware files

The firmware is fully compatible to the Development Desktop Environment: Link
and to the additional available shuttleboards: Link

Without any additionally attached sensors the BHI160 provides a six degrees of freedom Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) out of the box, implementing the following sensor types: Accelerometer, Gravity, Linear acceleration, Gyroscope, Gyroscope uncalibrated, Game rotation vector, Step counter, Step detector, Significant motion, Tilt detector, Pickup gesture, Wake up gesture, Glance gesture, Activity recognition of standing, walking, running, biking, in vehicle.


By attaching an external magnetometer to the smart-hub interface and using one of the RAM firmware files listed below to include the sensor driver for the corresponding magnetometer the BHI160 is instantaneously offering not just a robust eCompass functionality but furthermore a nine degrees of freedom absolute orientation solution by providing the following sensor types on top: Geomagnetic field, Magnetic field uncalibrated, Orientation vector, Rotation vector, Geomagnetic rotation vector.


Hint: If you are designing your own PCB make sure to align the pin1 marking of your BHI160 and the Magnetometer of your choice in the PCB layout for plug-and-play axis alignment of your system. Following this recommendation ensures a proper absolute orientation out of the box without the need of a subsequent axis remapping of the x, y and z-axis of BHI160 and the Magnetometer. Regarding landing pattern design and connection diagrams please refer to the corresponding product data sheets of the devices.

Using the Development Desktop Environment and the dedicated BHI160 shuttle boards which already include the 4 different Magnetometers, you can easily run our shark UI demo to test all 4 eCompass and absolute orientation solutions at once. Learn more: Link