• Product Description


    The BMA455 is an ultra-small, triaxial, low-g high performance acceleration sensor with digital interfaces, aiming for lowpower and demanding consumer electronics applications. Featuring 16 bit digital resolution and embedded intelligence, the BMA455 allows low-noise measurement of accelerations in 3 perpendicular axes and thus senses significant motion, tilt and enables plug ’n’ play step counting in smartphones and wearable devices. Furthermore the device is optimized to fulfill Android M low power accelerometer requirements. The reduced height of only 0.65 mm is beneficial for wearable devices and low profile smartphones.


    - Step counting

    - Significant motion

    - Tilt detection

    - Low power user interaction

    - Advanced Gesture recognition

    - Activity recognition/tracking

    - Advanced power management for mobile devices

    - Shock and freefall detection

    - Tilt compensation for electronic compass

    - Spirit leveling / Virtual horizon


    Mobile Applications

    Would you like to check an altitude on a map and plan the the best route or check the local weather forecast for your next hike? Are you monitoring your daily sports acitivities with your smartphone? These and many more outdoor applications are enabled by MEMS sensors. These new and advanced devices will even help you to find your car in a public parking garage.

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  • Technical data
    Parameter Technical data
    Digital resolution 16 bit
    (in ±2g range)
    0.06 mg
    Measurement ranges
    ±2 g, ±4 g, ±8 g, ±16 g
    Sensitivity (calibrated) ±2 g: 16384 LSB/g
    ±4 g: 8192 LSB/g
    ±8 g: 4096 LSB/g
    ±16 g: 2048 LSB/g
    Zero-g offset (typ., over life-time) ±20 mg
    Noise density (typ.) 120 µg/vHz
    Bandwidths (programmable) 1600 Hz ... 1.5 Hz
    Digital inputs/outputs SPI & I2C,
    2x digital interrupt pins
    Supply voltage (VDD) 1.62 … 3.6 V
    I/0 supply voltage (VDDIO) 1.2 … 3.6 V
    Temperature range -40 … +85°C
    Current consumption
    - full operation
    - low-power mode
    150 μA
    13 μA (at 50Hz data rate)
    FIFO data buffer 1 kB
    LGA package 2 x 2 x 0.65 mm³
    Shock resistance 10,000 g x 200 µs
  • Downloads
    Type of document Download
    Flyer BST-BMA455-FL000
    Handling & Soldering instructions BST-MAS-HS000