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    BMI085 is a high-performance IMU specifically designed for Augmented/Virtual Reality (AR/VR) applications. The 6-axis IMU combines a 16-bit triaxial gyroscope and a 16-bit triaxial accelerometer in a miniature 3 x 4.5 x 0.95 mm³ (16-pin) LGA package and features low latency and high temperature stability.

    The closed-loop gyroscope of BMI085 has an unmatched bias instability of less than 2°/h and low temperature coefficient of offset (TCO) below 15 mdps/K. The low-noise (120 µg/√Hz) and low-TCO (0.2 mg/K) accelerometer makes BMI085 a perfect choice for orientation tracking applications.

    BMI085 provides accurate and reliable 6-DoF motion tracking data even under demanding conditions, including environments where those conditions change, such as thermal effects like heating, typically encountered due to power dissipation in AR/VR head-mounted displays (HMDs).


    - AR/VR

    - Navigation

    - Body/human motion tracking

    - High-end gaming

    - HMI

    - Precise device orientation and tilt measurement

    - Platform stabilization (e.g. image, video)

    - Handheld devices


    Augmented & Virtual Reality Applications

    High performance AR/VR applications demand extremely sensitive, precise, robust and responsive motion sensors. With the Bosch BMI085, the user can enjoy a much more realistic and pleasant experience in the exciting worlds of virtual and augmented reality, without the negative physical effects.

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  • Technical data
    Parameter Technical data
    Digital resolution Accelerometer (A): 16-bit
    Gyroscope (G): 16-bit
    Resolution (A): 0.1 mg
    (G): 0.004°/s
    Measurement range and sensitivity
    ± 2g: 16384 LSB/g
    ± 4g: 8192 LSB/g
    ± 8g: 4096 LSB/g
    ± 16g: 2048 LSB/g
    ± 125°/s: 262.144 LSB/°/s
    ± 250°/s: 131.072 LSB/°/s
    ± 500°/s: 65.536 LSB/°/s
    ± 1000°/s: 32.768 LSB/°/s
    ± 2000°/s: 16.384 LSB/°/s
    Zero offset (typ. Over life-time) (A): ± 20 mg
    (G): ± 1°/s
    TCO (A): ± 0.2 mg/K
    (G): ± 0.015 °/s/K
    Noise density (typ.) (A): 120 μg/√Hz
    (G): 0.014 °/s/√Hz
    Bandwidths (progr.) 5 Hz … 684 Hz
    Selectable output data rates 12.5 Hz ... 2 kHz
    Digital inputs/outputs SPI, I²C,
    4x digital interrupts
    Supply voltage (VDD) 2.4 … 3.6 V
    I/0 supply voltage (VDDIO) 1.2 … 3.6 V
    Temperature range -40 … +85°C
    Current consumption (full operation) 5.15 mA
    LGA package 3 x 4.5 x 0.95 mm³
  • Downloads
    Type of document Download
    Flyer BST-BMI085-FL000
    Datasheet BST-BMI085-DS001
    Handling, soldering & mounting instructions BST-MIS-HS000-02
    Shuttle board flyer BST-DHW-FL024
    Application note (FIFO usage) BST-MIS-AN005
    Driver BMI08x sensor API
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