• Product Description


    The BML050 microscanner is the first product within Bosch Sensortec’s new product family of optical microsystems. BML050 combines a compact wafer-level module package with the essential control circuits that are needed to implement a laser scanning projector. This includes:

    - MEMS scanning mirrors, encapsulated, optically aligned

    - Mirror control circuits, video processor and interface

    - Laser driver ICs and power management ICs

    The BML050 microscanner draws an image by deflecting a collimated laser beam line by line while modulating the laser according to each pixels brightness. The combination of three lasers (red, green, and blue) allows full color projections.

    The main benefits of this approach and its implementation in the BML050 are:

    - Focus-free projection – no need to adjust the focus, independent of the projection distance

    - Compact size combined with power efficiency, making the BML050 ideal for space- and power-restricted devices

    - Robust and well-established core technology for fast and simple integration


    - Interactive projection as an ideal user interface for any device ranging from robotics to home automation

    - Pico-projectors as an accessory or built into mobile devices including tablets and notebooks

    - Pico-projectors as primary display, e.g. for IoT applications, wearables, home appliances and head-up displays


    Interactive Projection

    The BML050 provides all necessary features to easily implement gesture feedback by monitoring the laser reflection. This approach offers:

    - robust, calibration-free interaction with the projected image

    - flexible user interface that is available only when needed

    - user interface that offers rich options for tiny devices, making it ideal for many IoT devices and even wearables

  • Technical data
    Technical data BML050
    Optical projection angle Horizontal axis, max. ±15.0 °
    Vertical axis, max. ±9.1 °
    Throw ratio Projection distance / image diagonal 1.63
    Aspect ratio Standard 16:9
    Video resolution Standard 854 x 480
    Frame rate Standard 60 Hz

    Recommended laser wavelength
    Red 635 – 640 nm
    Green 515 – 525 nm
    Blue 450 – 460 nm
    Speckle contrast Reference implementation, parameter dep. 12 %
    Wake-Up from sleep <1 s
    Contrast Full-screen contrast >10000:1
    Operation temp. 0 – 60 °C
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    Flyer BST-BML050-FL000
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