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    BMM150 is a low power and low noise 3-axis digital geomagnetic sensor to be used in compass applications. The 12-pin wafer level chip scale package (WLCSP) with a footprint of 1.56 x 1.56 mm² and 0.60 mm height provides highest design flexibility to the developer of mobile devices. Applications like virtual reality or gaming on mobile devices such as mobile phones, tablet PCs or portable media players require 9-axis inertial sensing including magnetic heading information. Due to the stable performance over a large temperature range, the BMM150 is also especially suited for supporting drones in accurate heading.

    BMM150 can be used with an inertial measurement unit (IMU) consisting of a 3-axis accelerometer and a 3-axis gyroscope like Bosch Sensortec’s BMI055. By means of sensor data fusion software tailored to the hardware, also available from Bosch Sensortec, the solution determines the absolute spatial orientation as well as motion vectors with high accuracy and dynamics. The terrestrial field sensor BMM150 is based on Bosch’s high-volume proprietary FlipCore technology.


    - Drones

    - Augmented reality applications and location-based services

    - Indoor and outdoor navigation

    - Gaming

    - Pointing devices


    Drone Applications

    Look up! Have you noticed the increasing numbers of drones buzzing up in the sky these days? Most of these devices are toy quadcopters with low or no intelligence. However, there is a clear trend towards additional functionality that increases the controllability and by that the fun factor of such drones. Examples are an auto level mode for maintaining the drone's horizontal orientation, a constant altitude mode, or an orbit mode for circling around a specific point.

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    Gaming Applications

    Gaming consoles are a normal part of many people's everyday lives. Soccer, dancing, tennis and a multitude of games utilise motion detection. Of course, many game applications use MEMS sensors, e.g. acceleration sensors detect motion to enhance the user's gaming experience. Sensing the particular movement of the user is converted into a motion-based interface for a game. This opens up a world of opportunities for simpler, more interactive user interfaces.

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    The BMP388 is a very small, low-power and highly accurate absolute barometric pressure sensor. The sensor enables accurate altitude tracking and is specifically suited for drone applications.


    The BMI088 is a high-performance Inertial Measurement Unit specifically designed for drone and robotics applications.

  • Technical data
    Parameter Technical data

    CSWLP- (12 pin)
    1.56x1.56x0.6 mm³
    0.4 mm diagonal ball pitch

    Temperature range
    -40°C … +85°C

    Digital interfaces
    I²C and SPI
    (2 interrupt pins)


    Supply voltage
    VDD: 1.62V to 3.6V
    VDDIO: 1.2V to 3.6V

    Zero-B offset

    <1% FS

    Magnetic range typ.
    ±1300μT (x,y-axis)
    ±2500μT (z-axis)

    Average current consumption
    170 μA (low power preset)
    500 μA (normal mode)

    New data, magnetic threshold high / low
  • Downloads
    Type of document Download
    Flyer BST-BMM150-FL000
    Datasheet BST-BMM150-DS001
    Shipment & Packaging details BST-BMM150-SP000
    Shuttle board flyer BST-DHW-FL016
    Driver BMM150 driver
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