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    The BMX160 is a very small low power, low noise absolute orientation sensor designed for use in wearable devices like smart watches or augmented reality glasses. It comprises a 3-axis accelerometer, gyroscope and geomagnetic sensor in a single package. Its current consumption is typically 1580 μA, enabling always-on applications in battery driven devices. The BMX160 is available in a compact 14-pin 2.5 × 3.0 × 0.95 mm³ LGA package.


    - Augmented reality and immersive gaming

    - 3D scanning and indoor mapping

    - Indoor navigation and pedestrian dead-reckoning, step counting

    - Wearable accessories requiring small footprint and high performance

    - 9-axis sensor fusion, air mouse applications

    - Optical image stabilization


    Gaming Applications

    A wristband personal alarm clock will make sure that not only will you get up on time but also in sync with your natural biorhythm. A smartwatch can improve your health by detecting poor air quality in your environment. Smart fitness wear can improve the efficiency of your workout by measuring your speed and calorie consumption. What do all these wearable applications have in common? They are made possible by the almost invisible MEMS sensors and clever sensor solutions.

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    The absolute orientation sensor BMX055 is a 9-axis sensor, consisting of a triaxial 12-bit acceleration sensor, a triaxial 16-bit, ±2000°/s gyroscope and a triaxial geomagnetic sensor.

  • Technical data
    Parameter Technical data
    Package dimension (mm³) 2.5 x 3.0 x 0.95
    Temperature ranges -40 °C ...+85 °C
    Supply voltage (VDDI0)
    Supply voltage (VDD)
    1.2 V … 3.6 V
    1.71 V ... 3.6 V
    Typ. current consumption
    - Gyro full operation
    - Gyro + Acc. + Geomag.
    - Geomag. @full operation
    - Acc. @full operation
    - Suspend mode
    - Significant motion
    - Step detector

    850 μA
    1585 μA
    660 μA
    180 μA
    5 μA
    30 μA
    30 μA
    Sensitivity (A): ± 2 g: 16384 LSB/g
    ± 4 g: 8192 LSB/g
    ± 8 g: 4096 LSB/g
    ± 16 g: 2048 LSB/g

    (G): ± 125°/s: 262.4 LSB/°/s
    ± 250°/s: 131 LSB/°/s
    ± 500°/s: 65.6 LSB/°/s
    ±1000°/s: 32.8 LSB/°/s
    ± 2000°/s: 16.4 LSB/°/s
    Device Resolution (M): 0.3 μT
    TCS (typ.) (A): ±0.03 %/K
    (M): ±0.01 %/K
    (G): ±0.02 %/K
    Nonlinearity (typ.) (A): ±0.5 %FS
    (G): ±0.1 FS
    (M): ±1 %FSmax
    Offset (typ.) (A): ±40 mg
    (G): ±3 °/s
    (M): ±40 μT
    TCO (typ.) (A): ± 1.0mg/K
    (G): ±0.05 /s/K
    Noise density (typ.) (A): 180 μg/ √Hz
    (M): 0.3μT
    (G): 0.008 °/s/ √Hz
    FIFO size 1024 byte
  • Downloads
    Type of document Download
    Flyer BST-BMX160-FL000
    Datasheet BST-BMX160-DS000
    Shuttle board flyer BST-DHW-FL029
    Driver BMI160 driver
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