BSXlite Software

The BSXlite software is a feature reduced version of Bosch Sensortec’s BSX Fusion Software. BSX is a professional grade software used in multiple mobile-phone platforms and therefore contains many features which are not required in non-smartphone applications. BSXlite aims to reduce the integration complexity while maintaining a performance that is suitable for most applications.

Bosch Sensortec provides BSX-Lite as a limited-feature edition of the BSX-Full software library. Additional to the BSX-Lite, BSX-Full contains several valuable features such as advanced fast calibration, virtual sensors such as linear acceleration, gravity, gestures, step counter, etc. and supports multiple data rates upto 2000 Hz.  BSX-Lite is available for download (after accepting the license agreements), and for the BSX-Full Software, please contact Bosch Sensortec directly.

BSXlite provides dynamic and accurate orientation of the target platform. It is typically used to provide enhanced user experience for gaming, navigation systems, dead reckoning etc.

Typical Applications include:

- Enhanced intuitive high speed gaming (including real-time 1:1 motion tracking)

- Augmented reality and location based services

- Motion-based user interfaces

- Pedestrian navigation, pedestrian dead reckoning (PDR)

- Pointing devices, remote controls

- Toys, remote controlled flying toys

- Robot navigation and position

The BSXlite software is only available for download after accepting the software license agreement:

BSXlite license agreement

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