• Product Description


    The BML100PI module provides a complete, ready-to-use solution for interactive projection, enabling highly flexible virtual touchscreens. The generated laser beam creates a focus-free image on any surface and then scans it line-by-line to detect any gestures or finger movements. No calibration or adjustment is required for accurate gesture and touch recognition.

    The BML100PI delivers a highly intuitive user experience, as a fully flexible alternative compared to a static, physical screen.

    The module combines all hardware components as well as the single-/multi-touch algorithms to integrate into customer systems as a stand-alone or an embedded solution.

    The BML100PI can be used to create 'smart shelves' consisting of several simultaneous projections on the individual shelves in cupboards, kitchen cabinets or wardrobes. One module provides touchscreen functionality on up to six surfaces. With the Interactive Projection Module, every regular shelf can turn into a personal assistant for the user, enhancing comfort in people’s daily life.


    • Smart shelf with multiple layers in e.g. home appliances, kitchen cabinets or wardrobes enabling features such as stock management, shopping and social media sharing
    • Augmented reality applications e.g. e-learning
    • Virtual touch screens as extensions to digital assistants to e.g. support online shopping
    • Primary or secondary virtual touchscreen for IoT applications, home appliances, industrial applications e.g. robotic, hand-held devices or integration in machines


    BML100PI - working principle

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    Smart shelf - online shopping

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    Smart shelf - laundry service

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    Smart shelf - outfit recommendation

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    Interactive Projection

    The BML100PI can project a weather forecast, the user’s individual daily schedule or reminders of upcoming events on to a wardrobe. This information is processed and appropriate clothing is recommended to match the weather forecast and/or planned personal activities. If an item of clothing is missing or in the laundry bin, the smart shelf can e.g. suggest new clothing for the user to order in an online fashion store.

  • Technical data
    Technical data BML100PI
    Power consumption Typ. 2 W
    Optical output power Up to 30 lm with RRGB- IR
    Aspect ratio 16:9*
    Throw ratio Standard: 1.87
    Extended: 1.2**
    Output resolution Standard: 854 x 480
    Extended: 1280 x 600
    Interface Video: LVDS (optional MIPI-DSI)
    Interactivity: MIPI-CSI2 / UART
    Frame rate 60 Hz
    Average response latency 13 ms
    Max. z-allowance 3 mm
    Finger separation 8 mm
    Number of touch points Standard: 5 touch points
    Wake-up time from stand by 2 s
    - Projection module
    - Sensor module

    - 43 mm x 47 mm x 7 mm
    - 24 mm x 24 mm x 4 mm

    Unless otherwise specified, a ll va lues a re typical va lues @ Tc= 25°C.

    * Customization for different flexible ra tio possible depending on business conditions

    ** With additional optic/ lens

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    Flyer BST-BML100PI-FL000