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Our Stories

You’re interested in the people working at Bosch Sensortec? Learn about our employees’ work and lives at Bosch Sensortec and what makes them engage in sensor technology. Check out their real-life stories and gain some insights into our company!

A matter of passion

At Bosch Sensortec all employees have some things in common: They are curious. They love to develop new products and solutions for demanding tasks - and they are team players across national borders. What makes them different are their educational paths. Everyone working at Bosch Sensortec contributes different qualities in term of their professional skills, cultural background and individual biography. But everyone in this team has a common goal: to contribute to the successful development of sensor technology for tomorrow's applications

Picture of Katrin

Katrin, Strategic Purchasing Manager

"Hi, I´m Katrin and I have been working as a strategic purchasing manager at Bosch Sensortec since 2014. Dynamism, agility, innovation-driven work – that´s what I like most in our company."

Picture of Keith

Keith, Director of Application Engineering

"Hi, my name is Keith and I´m the Director of Application Engineering at Bosch Sensortec. I really appreciate the company´s start-up mindset and its flexibility in reacting to changing market conditions."

Picture of Christina

Christina, Director Engineering Advanced Products

I’m Christina and I head the Department for Advanced Engineering at Bosch Sensortec. After doing my MSc in Information Technology at the Technical University of Kaiserslautern in Germany, I had my first contact with Bosch while finishing my masters thesis at the Bosch Group in the field of radars for driver assistance.

Picture of Timo

Timo, Senior System Architect

"Hi, I´m Timo. I work in our company as a senior system architect. Me and my colleagues are responsible for creating Bosch Sensortec´s future products and developing ideas to integrate even more intelligence in our sensors."

Picture of Ye

Ye, Software Product Owner

"Hi. I´m Ye, a Software Product Owner at Bosch Sensortec's software and application department. Currently, I am responsible for algorithm and software development for our sensor fusion software BSX.

Picture of Michael

Michael, Project Manager for Pressure sensors

"Hi, I´m Michael. Working as a project manager for Pressure Sensors at Bosch Sensortec, I mostly like the motivated team, the fast-paced innovative spirit and the sense of fun paired with the company´s clear-cut strategy."

Picture of Keija

Keija, Systems Engineer

"My name is Keija and I work for Bosch Sensortec as a systems engineer. After studying biomedical engineering in New Zealand, I received my Ph.D. in 2018 in biomedical research. At the beginning of 2018 I joined Bosch Sensortec´s team to work on the development of its Pedestrian dead reckoning Software"

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