Gaming consoles are a normal part of many people's everyday lives. Soccer, dancing, tennis and a multitude of games utilise motion detection. Of course, many game applications use MEMS sensors, e.g. acceleration sensors detect motion to enhance the user's gaming experience. Sensing the particular movement of the user is converted into a motion-based interface for a game. This opens up a world of opportunities for simpler, more interactive user interfaces.



Lending a helping hand

We are born with two hands; one to help ourselves and one to help others. Bosch Sensortec provides solutions for problems in all areas of the high-tech industry; from virtual reality to rehabilitation. This is also true for the new use- case, which utilizes the functionality of the BNO055 sensor from Bosch Sensortec: smart glove. Gernot and Simon, two students aged 17 and 18, created an interactive rehabilitation glove to train users how to regain lost hand movements. These prodigies developed a very powerful solution for the rehabilitation for young people, which can often be monotonous, repetitive, and outright tedious process. Their concept consists of two parts: the smart glove and the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset to ensure an enjoyable and productive rehabilitation experience.


Bosch Sensortec’s role

The BNO055 enabled them to successfully integrate the smart gloves with the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset. They researched various maker-blogs and conducted interviews with software design experts; all of whom took the position that the BNO055 sensor was the optimal choice for their project. The BNO055 sensor with the integrated sensor fusion software providing absolute orientation as output was the essential feature they required to accurately integrate smart gloves with their virtual reality game. Simon and Gernot needed this sensor mainly because of the sensor fusion algorithm which does the processing of raw sensor data in the cortex M0 processor, provides them with the absolute orientation data in terms of Euler angles and Quaternions. Because the sensor comes with fully programmed sensor fusion software, it had enabled them to concentrate more on their application rather than on developing their own algorithm to process data from discrete sensors.


Sensors used in gaming applications



The BNO055 is a MEMS sensor in the family of ASSNs implementing an intelligent 9-axis absolute orientation sensor, which includes sensors and sensor fusion in a single package.


The BMI160 is an ultra-small, low power, low noise 16 bit inertial measurement unit designed for mobile applications like Augmented Reality applications or indoor navigation which require highly accurate, real-time sensor data.


and many more sensors of our product portfolio can be used for gaming applications.