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Bosch Sensortec

Smartglasses Light Drive

Stay focused. Stay connected.

Smartglasses Light Drive

The Bosch Smartglasses Light Drive provides a complete, ready-to-use solution for smaller, lighter, more stylish smartglasses. The solution is also compatible with curved and corrective lenses. This all-in-one smartglasses system delivers a highly intuitive user experience as a convenient display extension, providing an alternative to smartphone or smartwatch screen-checking. The Light Drive is composed of a technology stack of Bosch optical, computing, and our optional standard-setting sensor components. The optical systems include microelectromechanical system (MEMS) mirrors with ASIC controller that precisely direct a low-power beam of light to the user’s eye. This technology paves the way for a day without digital fatigue.

The system displays the perfect balance of:

  • just-in-time hands-free information in a minimalist format
  • navigation, calls, and notifications
  • alarms, calendar reminders
  • messaging pop-ups like WhatsApp and WeChat
  • everyday note-based information like to-do and shopping checklists
  • privacy, for your eyes only, invisible to others

Watch the smartglasses solution in action

The Bosch Smartglasses Light Drive module is a sole source, all-in-one technology stack consisting of MEMS mirrors, optical elements, our optional sensors, and the minimum required onboard processing. This integrated solution delivers a clean visual experience with bright images that are always in focus – even in direct sunlight.

Applications and solutions

Bosch Sensortec

Wearable displays

The disruptive Bosch Light Drive technology revolutionizes all-day wearables with perceived total transparency for the user, plus radical social acceptance because imagery nearly invisible to others.

Bosch Sensortec


Just Drive. No distraction with transparent, hands free, real-time, heads-up navigation.

Bosch Sensortec

Notifications and messaging

Free your hands and your mind, put down the phone. Stay focused, stay connected.

Bosch Sensortec

Notes for life

Everyday note-based information like to-do and shopping checklists, recipes, or construction manuals are exceptionally convenient for hands-free working.

The BSEC software is only available for download after accepting the software license agreement:

BSEC license agreement

You will soon receive an e-mail with the download link.