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Sensing solutions for gaming applications & toys

Gaming applications and toys

Users' key criterion for purchasing gaming and toy devices is user friendliness, which is the basis to ensure a good user experience. Ease of use can be achieved through precise menu navigation, gesture control and real-time motion tracking. Furthermore, different features such as orientation, tilt detection, and balance enhance fun and entertainment. Bosch Sensortec is offering a broad portfolio of highly accurate sensors with integrated features for gaming applications and toys.

Manufacturers therefore can optimize their devices by enabling reliable tilt detection, optimized motion and head movement tracking and also flight control when it comes to flying objects. Bosch Sensortec is offering a broad portfolio of highly accurate sensors for such devices. Since the aspect of user experience is also significantly important in these fields, users don't want to get disturbed by having to charge their devices very frequently. This can be avoided by using sensors with ultra-low power consumption that notice e.g. automatically when they have to turn on, off or switch in stand-by mode.

Sensor requirements for gaming applications and toys

Devices such as smart game controllers and toys increasingly integrate MEMS sensors to ensure a flawless user experience. One key requirement for manufacturers is the ease of integration of sensing solutions into the end device, e.g. game systems or controllers. Bosch Sensortec provides comprehensive documentation and sample codes, as well as an online platform - the Bosch Sensortec Community - for technical questions. This accelerates the development process and time to market. Having a flexible and broad feature spectrum with embedded intelligence can further improve the user experience of gaming applications and toy devices and allow manufacturers to differentiate from competitors. Bosch Sensortec integrates many features directly in the sensors and offers corresponding software for enabling new use cases and features. Finally, manufacturers of game systems and video game consoles require highly accurate sensors, which also contributes to the overall user experience. Bosch Sensortec sensors offer low latency and accurate data measurement, translating into real-time movement and precise navigation.

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Reference designs

Bosch Sensortec is partnering with established and emerging companies to provide the most comprehensive and leading-edge reference designs to the market.

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Gaming experience

Bosch Sensortec developed a solution to intelligently fuse sensor data collected during the natural use of a game control pad. It provides accurate and reliable heading data and harmonizes true north with the content on the display device. Explore how sensing solutions enable a pleasant gaming experience

Application boards

Application boards

The Bosch Sensortec application board is a versatile demonstration and evaluation environment for sensors from Bosch Sensortec.

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Find out more about our sensors and how to use them. We provide further information and guides to you in our application notes.

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All relevant drivers are uploaded and free for download via the Bosch Sensortec GitHub channel.

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