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Bosch Sensortec

Sensing solutions for drones

Man standing in the mountains flying a drone.


Photography, agriculture, transportation security or simply entertainment: new applications for drones seem to emerge constantly. Initially, most drones were relatively simple toys. More recently, however, their flying capabilities have improved significantly, making them safer, more stable, and easier to control, and thus allowing them to be used for a much wider range of real life applications. One key requirement for drone 'pilots' is the low weight with maximum functionality which increases flight control and largely contributes to a smooth and optimal user experience. In addition, high accuracy as well as different flight modes are essential features influencing purchase decisions of consumers.

Sensing solutions for drones

Motion Sensors

Environmental Sensors


Bosch Sensortec

Drone stability

Thanks to inertial MEMS sensors, drones keep their orientation stable and can be precisely controlled by a user, or even fly autonomously. Find out more about the role of MEMS sensing solutions in drones in the article “MEMS Sensors Are the Heart of a Drone”

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