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Bosch Sensortec

Environmental sensors

Bosch Sensortec

For a perfect ambiance: environmental sensors

The Bosch Sensortec family of environmental sensors includes barometric pressure sensors enabling for example indoor navigation and altitude stabilization. Furthermore, humidity sensors measuring air pressure, ambient temperature and relative humidity for climate control in smart homes belong to the category of environmental sensors. Highly integrated four-in-one gas sensors further add gas measurement for air quality monitoring to improve health and well-being.

Experience the power of environmental sensors

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Sensing solutions

Have you ever wondered how smartphones stabilize your pictures or drones their altitude? Or how your vacuum cleaner robot finds its way through your apartment? Explore how our sensing solutions can improve your well‐being and lifestyle.

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Discover our Bosch Sensortec Community to learn about sensing solutions and to accelerate the development of innovative IoT applications. The Community provides useful information, best practice advice and allows developers to share their experience.

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