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Bosch Sensortec

Smart Connected Sensors

Platform for full-body motion tracking

Smart Connected Sensors

Move. Prove. Improve.

Smart Connected Sensors enables full-body movement analysis to be carried out. By combining qualitative and quantitative movement feedback, the platform not only enables body analysis but also gives indications on physical performance and a way to improve it. Areas of application can include fitness and rehabilitation, but also gaming in combination with AR/VR applications. By improving movement results, a higher level of fun, health and experience can be achieved. The sensor platform provides qualitative feedback based on integrated AI features and comes with a pattern creation software tool that helps customers customize their system design. By using this tool, the customer retains control over their data, as there is no need for regular data exchange with Bosch Sensortec. To save customers precious time and effort, Bosch Sensortec provides business customers with the full package:

  • BHI380, a programmable IMU-based sensor system using AI functionality
  • A wearable reference design that can be straightforwardly attached to any part of the body without having to handle cable clutter, an external camera or dedicated bodysuits
  • Software features including gesture and activity recognition, body movement detection, relative body angle information, as well as a feedback coach

Use Cases

The key use cases will include rehabilitation, body movement tracking and joint analysis according to the motto “Move. Prove. Improve.”

Main Target Application

Thanks to the versatile modular system, the Smart Connected Sensors can be installed in many applications and use cases, such as wearables, hearables and AR/VR headsets.

Woman doing sports using hearables
Man wearing AR/VR Headsets
AR/VR Headsets
Woman doing sports using hearables and smartwatch
BHI 380

Key Sensor for Smart Connected Sensors – the BHI380

BHI380 is a highly integrated, ultra-low power, smart 6-axis IMU consisting of a 32-bit programmable microcontroller with integrated AI software. In addition, it consists of an ultra-low power microprocessor, including pre-installed sensor fusion software and algorithms in a single package.

The BHI380 is the PRO variant of BHI360 featuring a larger set of integrated application specific algorithms.

  • IMU footprint (2.5 x 3 mm)
  • Low power MCU
  • Integrated AI software features for fitness and swim tracking and PDR

More information >

Podcast: Explore the world of full-body motion tracking featuring our cutting-edge Smart Connected Sensors platform!

Technical data

Parameter Technical data
Technical data
  • Ultra-low power IMU-based smart sensor platform (BHI380) enabling multi-device sensor fusion: ARC EM4 CPU (up to 3.6 CoreMark/MHz)
  • Compact footprint: 2.5 x 3 x 0.95 mm³
  • Low power consumption:
    • Standby current: 8 µA
    • Run mode (activity recognition with feedback): < 600 µA
  • Various integrated software features:
    • sensor fusion
    • multi-device activity recognition algorithms
    • time-synchronization across connected nodes
Wearable reference design
Technical data
  • Small form factor wearable housing (36 x 22.2 x 10) and wristbands for easy mounting to body
  • BHI380 sensor with possibility to add additional capabilities magnetometer (BMM350) to enable 9DoF and pressure sensor (BMP581) to enable accurate relative vertical distance measurement
  • BLE 5.3 for Low power connectivity
  • External flash memory for logging and FW storage
  • Certified for all regions
  • Smart power management for long battery life
    • Up to 40h lifetime while streaming raw sensor data via BLE @ 25 Hz
  • All hardware design files (PCB + housing) provided for reference
Features & software
Technical data
  • Multi-device sensor fusion of up to 8 sensor nodes
  • Time-synchronization throughout entire network for all sensor nodes irrespective individual clocks
  • Time synchronization with 1 ms accuracy over 24 h, coming with minimal bandwidth, minimal power consumption and minimal memory overhead
  • Multi-device activity recognition and feedback using up to 8 sensor nodes simultaneously, easily scalable by custom gestures and patterns
    • Minimal algorithm code size [multi-device-gesture recognition: 39 kB with ability to add new patterns, average complex pattern size of 2 kB)
  • Full body avatar based on 6 DoF inertial live data combining sensors of up to 8 sensor nodes
  • Joint-Angle information for complete body analysis
  • Raw sensor data stream via BLE with up to 50 Hz & up to 8 sensor nodes simultaneously
  • System coming with multiple easy-to-implement applications based on body area networks


Further documentation to follow

Download white paper

To receive the white paper, enter your contact details so that we can send you a download link.

Download white paper

To receive the white paper, enter your contact details so that we can send you a download link.

Download white paper

To receive the white paper, enter your contact details so that we can send you a download link.

Download white paper

To receive the white paper, enter your contact details so that we can send you a download link.


Available in the first quarter of 2024

The BSEC software is only available for download after accepting the software license agreement:

BSEC license agreement

You will soon receive an e-mail with the download link.