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Bosch Sensortec

Applications & solutions

A video showing the various applications and solutions with Bosch Sensortec

Applications & solutions

Have you ever wondered how your smartphone stabilizes your pictures? How a smartwatch understands whether you are standing still, walking or running? How a drone can stabilize its altitude? Or how your vacuum cleaner robot finds its way through your apartment? All these applications and many more are enabled by invisible sensing solutions from Bosch Sensortec that are integrated into your everyday devices. MEMS sensors endow objects with sensory perceptions and teach electronic systems how to see, feel and smell.

Explore how our sensing solutions can improve your well-being and lifestyle – again and again, every day!

Smartphone and tablets / Three women taking a selife with a smartphone

Smartphones & tablets

Did you know that you most likely have a Bosch MEMS sensor in your pocket? Bosch Sensortec is a leading sensor provider for smartphones and tablet applications. Bosch MEMS sensors stabilize images, detect gestures and activities, and count your steps.

hearables / Woman doing sports using hearables and smartwatch


Sensor technology enhances the capabilities of hearables and provides manufacturers with innovative features including gesture and context recognition, speech processing and voice enhancement, as well as precise head orientation tracking.

Wearables / Woman doing sports using hearables and smartwatch


Smartwatches, wristbands and smart clothes: whether supporting your fitness through calorie counting or helping you orient yourself through navigation, our accurate and ultra-low power sensing solutions turn a regular wearable into your daily companion!

Drones / Man squatting down and flying a drone.


The number of drones buzzing in the sky is increasing. They deliver mail, increase aerial photography and many more. Our sensor and software solutions stabilize the drone’s altitude and enable orientation and flight control as well as gimbals for pin-sharp photos!

Robots / Woman sitting on the couch reading something on her tablet. On the floor, a suction robot drives around.


Did you know that you can save about 40 hours a year if you use a vacuum cleaner robot? Our sensors and software enable the robot to navigate effortlessly around objects, detect the boundaries of a room and dynamically plan a cleaning path by mapping out rooms.

AR and VR / Woman standing outside using VR glasses


Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are becoming increasingly popular trends in gaming, learning, navigation and maintenance. Our sensing solutions improve the AR & VR experience by enabling real-time motion detection, head movement tracking and many more.

Smart home / Woman coming home pulling her key out of the lock.

Smart home

Imagine you get up on a cold winter day and the bathroom in your smart home is already heated. After a hot shower, ventilation is automatically started to improve the air quality. Our sensing solutions are the components that enable these smart home applications and many more.

Gaming and toys // Man playing on a console wearing a VR headset

Gaming & toys

Sensor-enabled gaming consoles and toys are a common device in many people's everyday lives. Motion control, orientation, balancing or gesture recognition – our sensing solutions open up a world of opportunities for a richer entertainment experience!

Bosch Sensortec

Industrial applications

What comes to your mind if you think about industrial applications? Probably you think of production, machinery and factory applications. Incorporating also home appliances, building automation, logistics and others, Bosch Sensortec goes far beyond this understanding and provides MEMS sensing solutions that target the specific needs of the industrial electronics market.