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Bosch Sensortec provides comprehensive software solutions to improve the sensor performance, such as the Bosch Sensortec sensor fusion software (BSX), the Bosch Sensortec environmental cluster (BSEC) software, as well as drivers for individual sensors. Our software solutions add value not only to the sensor but to the entire system, enable new applications and form the basis for artificial intelligence (AI) inside the sensor itself.

Sensor fusion software

Sensor Fusion Software (BSX)

Sensor fusion software is a complete 9-axis fusion solution, which combines the measurements from 3-axis gyroscope, 3-axis geomagnetic sensor and a 3-axis accelerometer to provide a robust absolute orientation vector. The algorithm fuses the sensor raw data from three sensors in an intelligent way to improve each sensor’s output.

  • Distortion-free, refined orientation vectors
  • Hardware and software co-design for optimal performance
  • Use-case specific modes in terms of data rates and noise thresholds
  • Innovative use case specific features

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Bosch Sensortec Environmental Cluster

BME680 Software (BSEC 1.x)

The BSEC 1.x (Bosch Sensortec environmental cluster) software provides higher-level signal processing and fusion for the BME680. The library receives compensated sensor values from the sensor API. It processes the BME680 signals in combination with the additional phone sensors to provide the requested sensor outputs.

  • Hardware and software co-design for optimal performance
  • Complete software fusion solution out of one hand
  • Optimized robust virtual sensor outputs

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BME688 Software

Bosch Sensortec’s tools for the BME688 sensor allow for testing and developing use cases based on temperature, barometric pressure, humidity and gas sensing. The BME688 can detect gases by measuring their unique electronic fingerprint and therefore distinguish different gas compositions. This enables a broad spectrum of new applications.

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Bosch Sensortec Drivers


We provide all relevant drivers for the Bosch Sensortec sensors.

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BHI160 firmware

Bosch Sensortec offers various BHI160 firmware files for download.

BHA250 firmware

Bosch Sensortec offers various BHI250 firmware files for download
Software tools

Software tools

In the section software tools, the development desktop software and COINES software supplementing the application board are available for download.