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Bosch Sensortec

Sensing solutions for smartphones & tablets

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Smartphones and tablets

Smartphones and tablets have become daily companions to millions of users worldwide. They are an integral part of people’s life and need to adapt to the changing usage behavior of their end users: People tend to spend more time on their smartphones and hence are more focusing on battery life. To minimize charging times our sensors are developed to reduce power consumption to a minimum, which signficantly extends charging intervals for the users. Moreover, people increasingly use their smartphones for image applications such as taking pictures and videos instead of using an extra digital camera. One key aspect for pin-sharp pictures and stable videos is optical image stabilization (OIS) and electronic image stabilization (EIS), enabled by MEMS sensors. Bosch Sensortec image sensor solutions provide highly precise sensor data as well as algorithms to enable pin-sharp pictures and stable videos. Low latency, minimal group delays, and high-precision time stamps substantially improve photo and video quality for end users. Finally, a broad set of features and innovative functions are key to offering value for the user.

We stabilize unforgettable moments

Sensing solutions for smartphone & tablets

Motion Sensors

Environmental Sensors

Smart Sensors


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Everlasting Moments

Make those unforgettable moments last forever: You take the photo and the sensor will do the rest. Experience how our sensing solutions stabilize your photo and video shots. When a device makes uncontrolled movements, this is instantly corrected with the help of our MEMS sensors.

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Smart calibration

Today’s users expect smartphones and tablets to behave as commanded, to smoothly and accurately adapt to their changing surrounding environments. Smart calibration of inertial sensors in end devices greatly improves the end-user experience. In the following article about Sensor data fusion you can find out more.

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