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Woman sitting on the couch reading something on her tablet. On the floor, a suction robot drives around.

Sensing solution for robots


Robots such as robotic vacuum cleaners or social robots can make our lives more convenient, leaving time for more important things in life. These smart helpers however need to work reliably and efficiently to ensure peace of mind for the end user. This means, they need to navigate effortlessly around objects, detect boundaries of a room and create a paths for productive cleaning. Features such as automatic charging increases users' comfort, since the robotic vacuum cleaner automatically returns to its charging station when the battery gets empty. Moreover, innovative applications such as detecting gases helps the robot to avoid spreading spilled liquids or leftovers on the floor. Finally, detecting smells and generating air quality maps enables indoor air quality measurement, improving people's well-being. All these applications are enabled by Bosch Sensortec sensors and software.

Sensor requirements for robots

Robots strongly depend on high sensor accuracy for reliable and efficient operation. As for robotic vacuum cleaners, highly accurate sensor data and data processing with advanced navigation algorithms is the basis for numerous robot applications. Bosch Sensortec has developed sensing solutions specifically designed for robots. Bosch MEMS sensors offer excellent vibration robustness and suppression, coming for example from rough terrain and built-in motors, as well as stability to large temperature changes. Additionally, Bosch Sensortec sensors are easy to integrate into the final robot device. By providing documentation, sample code and simplifying PCB soldering, manufacturers can improve their time to market. Finally, another key requirement for efficient robot applications is a flexible and broad feature spectrum. Motion sensors and software from Bosch Sensortec enable different cleaning modes such as boundary and obstacle detection as well as dynamic path planning. Environmental sensors such as gas sensors detect volatice organic compounds (VOCs) and support clean indoor qir quality.

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Reference designs

Bosch Sensortec is partnering with established and emerging companies to provide the most comprehensive and leading-edge reference designs to the market.

Woman sitting on the couch reading something on her tablet. On the floor, a suction robot drives around.

Stuck in corner?

Has your 'smart' robotic vacuum cleaner ever been repeatedly getting stuck in corners? Often this is caused by incorrect heading information derived from imprecise inertial sensor data fusion. Read the follwoing article about Sensor data fusion, to find out which solutions are required for obtaining reliable sensor data in today's consumer electronic robots.

Bosch Sensortec

Application boards

The Bosch Sensortec application board is a versatile demonstration and evaluation environment for sensors from Bosch Sensortec.

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Bosch Sensortec


Find out more about our sensors and how to use them. We provide further information and guides to you in our application notes.

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Bosch Sensortec


All relevant drivers are uploaded and free for download via the Bosch Sensortec GitHub channel.

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