Bosch Sensortec

BME688 Software

Bosch Sensortec’s tools for the BME688 sensor allow for testing and developing use cases based on temperature, barometric pressure, humidity and gas sensing. The BME688 can detect gases by measuring their unique electronic fingerprint and therefore distinguish different gas compositions. This enables a broad spectrum of new applications.

BME AI-Studio Software

The BME AI-Studio Software is available for Windows and macOS platforms. Just unzip the download package on your harddrive and start the executable inside.

BSEC 2.x library for your device MCU

The download package contains libraries for many 32, 16 and 8 bit MCU platforms as well as code examples and a comprehensive implementation guide. Details on MCU types, compilers and RAM/ROM size requirements can be found in the document "Supported platforms".

BME688 Development Kit Software

If you start with a new Adafruit HUZZAH32 board, which is not yet programmed, you can flash it by using the following software.

Order complete BME688 Development Kit (ready-to-use)

Order the pre-programmed and ready-to-use Development Kit for the BME688 sensor.


The BSEC software is only available for download after accepting the software license agreement:

BSEC license agreement

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Download white paper

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