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Bosch Sensortec

Smart sensor: BHI380

Small. Low-power. Self-learning AI software.


Self-learning AI smart sensor with integrated IMU

BHI380 is a programmable IMU-based AI sensor system combining a gyroscope with an accelerometer that enables full customization. The integrated sensor fusion library enables 3D audio with head orientation for personalized sound experiences as well as simple gesture recognition. It can be used in wearables and hearables, smartphones and tablets, smart devices and more.

The BHI380 is the PRO variant of BHI360 featuring a larger set of integrated application specific algorithms: BHI380 is based on the same architecture but also includes self-learning AI software suitable for a wide variety of fitness tracking, thus making training and tracking a breeze and enabling personalized workouts. Dedicated swim tracking software measures swimming style and boosts users to the next fitness level in the water, while the pedestrian dead reckoning (PDR) algorithm helps users reach their destination, even when the GPS signal drops out for a few minutes.

The sensor is provided in a compact 20-pin LGA package measuring 2.5 x 3 x 0.95 mm³. This means it is 50% smaller than its previous generation, and that it is the smartest programmable IMU sensor in the market. BHI380 is a highly integrated, ultra-low power, smart 6-axis IMU consisting of a 32-bit programmable microcontroller. In addition, it consists of an ultra-low power microprocessor, including pre-installed sensor fusion software and algorithms in a single package.

Technical data

Parameter Technical data
Operating voltage
Technical data
1.8 V
Current consumption
Fuser2 (running CoreMark)
  • Long Run mode (20 MHz)
  • Turbo mode (50 MHz)
Sensor Fusion (Hub+IMU) operation (calculating Game Rotation Vector)
  • 800 Hz ODR
  • 100 Hz ODR
Standby current
Technical data

950 μA
2.8 mA

1.2 mA
1.0 mA

8 μA
Sensor Fusion Performance
  • Static accuracy (Heading, Pitch, Roll)
  • Dynamic accuracy (Heading, Pitch, Roll)
  • Calibration time
  • Orientation stabilization time
Technical data

2, 2, 2 degrees
7, 2, 2 degrees
<1 second
0.2 seconds


Download white paper

To receive the white paper, enter your contact details so that we can send you a download link.

Download white paper

To receive the white paper, enter your contact details so that we can send you a download link.

Download white paper

To receive the white paper, enter your contact details so that we can send you a download link.

Applications and solutions

Woman doing sports using hearables and smartwatch

Wearables & hearables

Smartwatches, wristbands, smart clothes and hearables: whether supporting your fitness through calorie counting or helping you orient yourself through navigation, our accurate and ultra-low power sensing solutions turn a regular wearable into your daily companion!

Woman taking a picture of New York City

Smartphones & tablets

Did you know that you most likely have a Bosch MEMS sensor in your pocket? More than every second smartphone and tablet worldwide contains at least one of these tiny helpers. Working invisibly inside smartphones and tablets, Bosch MEMS sensors stabilize images, detect gestures and activities, rotate your screen and count your steps.

Woman and man chatting with each other while looking in the smartphone

Smart home

Imagine you get up on a cold day and the bathroom is heated the way you prefer it. When you leave home, sensor-activated intrusion detection gives you peace of mind during the day. Our sensing solutions enable many smart home applications, enhancing your well-being.


Man and woman doing push ups with fitness trackers

Strong, stronger, sensing solutions with AI

Level up with the smart sensor BHI380 in fitness wearables and Artificial Intelligence.

The BSEC software is only available for download after accepting the software license agreement:

BSEC license agreement

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