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Bosch Sensortec

Smart sensor: BHI160BP

Position tracking. Integrated sensor fusion and PDR.


Smart sensor combining accelerometer, gyroscope and PDR software.

The BHI160BP is an application-specific upgrade of the BHI160 family and comes with a Pedestrian Dead Reckoning (PDR) algorithm that enables pedestrian position tracking at a fraction of the power consumption of GNSS only solutions. BHI160BP integrates a 3-axis gyroscope, a 3-axis accelerometer and a programmable microcontroller together with a PDR-specific algorithm in one single sensor package. The smart sensor enhances the system in two aspects: It reduces the system power consumption and improves the robustness of the position tracking whenever the GNSS signal quality is low.

Technical data

Parameter Technical data
Package dimensions
Technical data
3.0 x 3.0 x 0.95 mm³
Temperature range
Technical data
-40 °C ... +85 °C
Supply voltage (VDDIO)
Technical data
1.6 … 3.3 V
Supply voltage (VDD)
Technical data
1.71 … 3.6 V
Typ. current consumption
– Full 6DoF PDR¹
– Full 6DoF Fusion @100 Hz ODR¹
– Full 9DoF Fusion @100 Hz ODR²
– Significant motion
– Step detector
– Suspend mode
Technical data

1.3 mA
1.2 mA
1.3 mA
128 µA
131 µA
11 µA
PDR Performance
– Typical power saving³
– Position accuracy⁴
– Step counting error
Technical data

50% - 80%
<5 %
Sensor Fusion Performance⁵
– Static accuracy (head., pitch, roll)
– Dynamic accuracy (head., pitch, roll)
– Calibration time
– Orientation stabilization time
Technical data

2, 2, 2, degrees
7, 2, 2, degrees
<1 second
0.2 seconds
Implemented virtual sensor types with IMU only
Technical data
PDR, accelerometer, gravity, linear acceleration, gyroscope, gyroscope uncalibrated, game rotation vector, step counter, step detector, significant motion, tilt detector, pickup gesture, wake up gesture, glance gesture, activity recognition

¹ Sensor typical power consumption

² With attached Magnetometer

³ 50% till 80% are the typical values of system power saving for standard user walking profile andsystem including typically available GNSS module characteristics. Actual power saving usually vary depending on the application and GNSS module.

⁴ Relative position estimation error for 75% of the population of various user profiles and movement profiles (walking, jogging, standing still, etc.) will have a typical error of 10% or better relative to the walked distance. This is the relative error of the BHI160BP PDR algorithm without GNSS assistance.

⁵ Performance measured for 9DOF solution (with attached magnetometer BMM150).


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Applications and solutions

Woman doing sports using hearables and smartwatch

Wearables & hearables

Smartwatches, wristbands, smart clothes and hearables: whether supporting your fitness through calorie counting or helping you orient yourself through navigation, our accurate and ultra-low power sensing solutions turn a regular wearable into your daily companion!

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