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Bosch Sensortec

Katrin, Strategic Purchasing Manager

Portrait of Bosch Sensortec's strategic purchaising manager Katrin

I´m Katrin and in 2014, after seven years of working in a highly regulated and rather rigid market environment, I was looking for a new opportunity. The vision that “Success stories don’t just happen, they are made” and the promise of Bosch Sensortec to be able to work for an innovation-driven, dynamic and internationally operating company drew my interest. Since then, I have been enjoying my work at Bosch Sensortec in the position of a strategic purchasing manager.

"Innovation driven by diversity!"

As a purchasing team, we work in cross-functional, global teams to support our engineering departments throughout the new product development phase with our suppliers. When projects are launched into mass production, we continue to benchmark our supplier base in order to drive our supply chain to competitiveness with regard to cost, technology, quality and assurance of supply.

Finally, the pragmatic “roll-up the sleeves” attitude present across the different teams, combined with extremely challenging requirements from our customers and our ambition to work on meaningful and sustainable strategies make Bosch Sensortec a very exciting place to work.