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Bosch Sensortec

CES 2024

09 - 01/12/2024
Las Vegas & Digital

Discover our latest and innovative sensing solutions in the fields of wearables and hearables at CES 2024!

The CES® is the global stage for innovation – the world's most influential technology event, where the Tech industry is brought together to experience the next generation of electronics. At this years‘ CES we’re launching new sensors and present a completely new demo platform which will create new dimensions in the area of hearables and wearable.

Explore more about our hearables and wearables sensing solutions:

A woman putting in a ear pod


Discover the future of hearables with Bosch Sensortec MEMS sensors. Our cutting-edge sensor technology enhances the capabilities of hearables and provides manufacturers with innovative features including gesture and context recognition, speech processing and voice enhancement, as well as precise head orientation tracking. Let’s enhance the user’s hearing experience and create products that stand out in the market.

A woman looking at her watch on the wrist


Smartwatches, wristbands and smart clothes: whether supporting your fitness through calorie counting or helping you orient yourself though navigation, our accurate and ultra-low power sensing solutions turn a regular wearable into your daily companion!

Explore interactive demonstrations with our esteemed industry partners

A man using WinBorne Systems

Global sensing for better weather forecasts

Join us on a journey with WindBorne Systems and their innovative long-duration weather balloons at the Bosch booth. Equipped with our BMP581 barometric pressure sensors, these balloons fly across the globe, collecting environmental data to enhance weather forecasting while saving over 500 megatons of carbon emissions.

Arduino visual

Environmental and motion sensing leveraging In-Sensor AI

By using ultra-efficient neural networks embedded in the smart sensor BHI260AP, the Arduino Nicla Sense ME transforms into a buttonless remote control. Join us at CES 2024 in an interactive demonstration by Neuton.Ai and Arduino. Explore the Arduino Nicla Sense Me's capabilities, including environmental and motion activity sensing. The gathered data opens doors to numerous applications, such as enhancing safety and efficiency on construction sites by integrating it into workers' helmets. Discover more on-site.

FAQ Section:

CES 2024 will take place from January 9th-12th in Las Vegas. For more information visit the CES website.

For more information about how to attend CES 2024 visit the CES registration page.

Discover our sensing solutions in the fields of wearables and hearables as well as our new products which are yet to be launched. Come and meet us at CES, explore our latest innovations and get in touch with our experts and other like-minded people. Be prepared for something great and explore a new dimension of sensory experience as our solutions open up possibilities you’ve only dreamed of. Another highlight will also be live demonstrations on the Bosch stage, in which you can experience a brand-new platform concept. Stay tuned for more info!

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