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Sensors instead of cowbells

Bosch’s Absolute Orientation Sensor BNO055 is suitable for a wide range of purposes, e.g. augmented reality applications, sophisticated computer games and intelligent fitness devices. Thanks to Simon Casey from Bosch Australia, it can now even be used to keep track of cattle herds. Growing up on a farm in Australia, Simon Casey experienced how difficult and exhausting it can be to watch over a herd of cattle. Regardless of the weather conditions or the size of the fields, farmers have to monitor their cows, otherwise they tend to wander off or are at risk of being harmed by sickness or a predator.


Now being an engineer at Bosch, he had the perfect idea of how to make the life of a farmer a little easier: He built a smart monitoring device, which contains the BNO055 sensor and takes over the responsibility of monitoring the herd. This Absolute Orientation Sensor combines an accelerometer, a yaw-rate sensor, a geomagnetic sensor and a microprocessor in a single package. Installed in his smart “iHerd” device, the farmer is now able to track a cow’s location and more importantly the cow’s head motion without having to physically watch the herd. Evaluating this information, a farmer not only knows where the cow spent the day but also if a cow is eating properly, if it is chewing the cad or lying down. All of this information allows the farmer to monitor the health and the vitalty of his animals.



Sensors used in industrial applications



The BMA280 is an advanced, triaxial, low-g acceleration sensor with digital interfaces, aiming for low-power consumer electronics applications. The sensor has a footprint of 2 x 2mm² a 14 bit digital resolution.


The BNO055 is a MEMS sensor in the family of ASSNs implementing an intelligent 9-axis absolute orientation sensor, which includes sensors and sensor fusion in a single package.


The BMF055 is an extension of the ASSNs family implementing a custom programmable 9-axis motion sensor which includes sensors and a microcontroller in a single package.