Bosch India Hackathon

Hacking their way to victory

Sometimes the best ideas are developed outside of the traditional office or laboratory. Bosch’s innovative spirit continually encourages employees to think outside of the box to transform the world. The Bosch India Hackathon, held February 5th- 7th in Bangalore, followed the company’s pursuit as it allowed local minds to create a revolutionary idea using Arduino boards and Bosch BNO055 intelligent 9-axis absolute orientation sensors. Eighty participants were selected from over 800 applicants, with three quarters coming from outside of Bosch. The winning team, comprised of third year engineering students Kartik Samtani and Saurabh Sachan of Surathkal, Mangalore, focused on a topic dear to their nation’s heart: cricket.


Global technology, local solutions

The sport of cricket is the most popular in India and was immediate inspiration for the Hackathon, as the team speedily created their innovative “Bowling Assist” project. "We had to start right from scratch: identify the problem statement, read up on International Cricket Council guidelines on bowling and so on. Our product involved the development of an application. We bowled over 100 times to test the hack", says Saurabh. The duo developed the prototype using two BNO055 sensor modules – one placed at shoulder level and the other at elbow level. The readings from both were computed and data was processed to decide whether the bowling action was legal or illegal. This sensor’s high accuracy, efficient size and reliable readings made it perfect for the “Bowling Assist” project. Their invention can be used to regulate cricket games and assist in player improvement.

Big uses for small sensors

While the winning team may have a found a local use for Bosch sensors, the second place team’s project focused on a worldwide application of this technology. The team of Subham Das, Amar Desai and Dhruva Venkatachallam from Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Private Limited in Bangalore, focused on using the sensors to show position and orientation tracking of customers as they shop. This smart hack was pitched as valuable to a brand, store, or advertising manager, as these insights could be used to decide how to better position and market merchandise, selectively pitch a flash discount, and to know if the sale happened.


This event truly embodies the spirit of Bosch, and we would again like to congratulate the winning teams on their hacks. Innovative things happen at the intersection of great minds and great technology, and we look forward to further events in the future.