• Product Description

    BMC050 (not for new design-ins)

    The BMC050 is a fully compensated electronic compass including a triaxial geomagnetic sensor and a triaxial acceleration sensor (6 degrees of freedom) that delivers excellent performance in very small size. The BMC050 allows for determining precise tilt-compensated geomagnetic heading information and for providing accurate acceleration sensor data.

    The BMC050 6-axis, digital e-compass comes in a small 3 x 3 x 0.95 mm³ LGA package. It comprises Bosch Sensortec proprietary FlipCore geomagnetic sensing technology with Bosch Sensortec’s well-proven, leading edge MEMS sensor technology for the accelerometer.


    Accurate tilt-compensated orientation information for:

    - navigation (GPS enhancement / map rotation)

    - location based services (LBS)

    - augmented reality

    - in combination with a pressure sensor for indoor navigation


    Mobile Applications

    Would you like to check an altitude on a map and plan the the best route or check the local weather forecast for your next hike? Are you monitoring your daily sports acitivities with your smartphone? These and many more outdoor applications are enabled by MEMS sensors. These new and advanced devices will even help you to find your car in a public parking garage.

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    The 6-axis BMC156 is an small and low power digital compass with a footprint of merely 2.2 x 2.2 mm² and 0.95 mm height as well as a 12 bit digital resolution. Due to its pin-compatible pin-out it fits well on a 2x2 mm² standard accelerometer landing pattern (BMA).


    Housed in an LGA package with a footprint of 2.2 x 2.2 mm² and 0.95 mm height, BMC150 is an extremely small low power and low noise 6-axis digital compass with a 12 bit resolution.


    The BMC056 is a low-power and low-noise 6-axis MEMS sensor housed in a package with a footprint of 3 x 3 mm² and 0.95 mm height and a 12 bit digital resolution.

  • Technical data
    Parameter Technical data
    Digital interfaces I²C, SPI (3/4wire)
    4 interrupt pins
    Current consumption
    - full operation
    - low-power mode
    540 μA @10 Hz
    190 μA @10 Hz
    Supply voltage (VDD) 1.62 V ... 3.6 V
    I/0 supply voltage (VDDIO) 1.20 V ... 3.6 V
    Temperature range -40 °C ... +85° C
    LGA package 3 x 3 x 0.95 mm³

    Geomagnetic sensor
    Measurement range ± 1000 μT
    Resolution 0.3 μT

    Acceleration sensor
    Stand-alone operation supported
    Resolution 10 bit
    Programmable f-range ±2g / ±4g /
    ±8g / ±16g"
    Zero-g offset ±80 mg
    Sensitivity tolerance ±4 %

    Interrupt engine

    Accelerometer interrupts
    - Data-ready (e. g. for processor synchronization)
    - Any-motion (slope) detection (e. g. for wake-up)
    - Tap sensing (e. g. for tap-sensitive UI control)
    - Orientation change recognition (e. g. for portrait/
    - landscape & face-up/face-down switching)
    - Flat detection (e. g. for position sensitive
    - Low-g / high-g detection (e. g. for shock and free-fall detection)
    Magnetometer interrupts - Overflow detection
    - Low-g / high-g threshold detection
  • Downloads
    Type of document Download
    Flyer BST-BMC050-FL000
    Datasheet BST-BMC050-DS000
    Shuttle board flyer BST-DHW-FL018