Demos & Apps

In this increasingly interconnected world, MEMS sensors are the essential building blocks for interacting with one another and our surroundings in a more natural way. They free us from the constraints of a mouse or a keyboard, empowering us to use speech, gesture and location awareness to manage our interactions with electronic devices. Experience the world of MEMS sensors and play with the Bosch Sensortec shark demo and the Bosch Sensortec Altitude Reader app.


Shark Demo

The Bosch Sensortec Application Board 2.0 is a versatile, demonstration and development environment for Bosch Sensortec sensor products. Based on a powerful ARM Cortex-M4 controller, the Application Board can be used to configure all sensor parameters by means of PC based software (Desktop Development). Sensor data can be read-out, displayed and captured on the attached PC. To use the Shark demo, an additional software plug-in is neccessary. Upon successful installation, it demonstrates dynamic accuracy and bias stability of BSX algorithms running in a System in a Package (SIP). The Shark moves based on the orientation data received from the SIP via Bluetooth and a compass dial shows the actual heading information of the sensor module. Furthermore, the option to select between 6-axis and 9-axis measuring is given. The development board has a Bluetooth interface as well as a USB 2.0 full speed connection to PC.


Altitude Reader App

The Bosch Sensortec Altitude Reader provides altitude values with high accuracy by intelligently fusing pressure sensor data with reference values - either from a GPS signal or calculated from sea level pressure value provided by the nearest weather station via a web service - depending on availability and selected calibration mode.

It works in 4 different calibration modes:

- and Internet (more accurate)

- GPS Only

- Internet Only

- Manual (less accurate)

Available for Android Smartphones in the Google Play store