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Welcome to Support & Tools, we provide you with technology information related to the topic MEMS sensors, all relevant sensor documents and downloads, information about our application board, as well as frequently asked questions. Additionally you can have a closer look at the Bosch Sensortec tools like reference designs and our available demos and apps.



MEMS experience at Bosch goes back several generations of automotive sensors produced since 1994. Starting with integrated pressure sensors, the product portfolio has diversified rapidly. Today, a large number of applications are based on Bosch‘s MEMS process platforms. Our process engineering is focused on the development and continuous optimisation of key MEMS technologies. A huge pool of experience is available in our R&D divisions.


The Bosch Sensortec Application Board is a versatile, demonstration and development environment for Bosch Sensortec products. Based on a powerful ARM Cortex-M4 Controller the Application Board can be used to configure all sensor parameters by means of PC based software (Desktop Development). Sensor data can be read-out, displayed and captured on the attached PC.


Download all relevant sensor documents (e.g. product flyers, datasheets, application notes) as well as our Development Desktop Software.


Bosch Sensortec is partnering with established and emerging software and system companies around the world. Highlighting 4 of those projects: Arduino, Atmel, Hillcrest and NXP.


Experience the world of MEMS sensors and play with the Bosch Sensortec shark demo and the Bosch Sensortec Altitude Reader app.