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Bosch Sensortec

Beating The Coronatine

From KNOW-HOW to WOW - The Bosch Global Podcast

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This episode makes Melena and Geoff sweat, training not only their muscles to beat the “coronatine” but their Bosch fitness trackers as well. The world’s first self-learning AI sensor for wearable tech is based on Edge AI. Having an “edge” like that on your wrist makes your fitness tracker individually tailored to you and the way you move. With each movement it adjusts itself. The sensor provides more reliable analytics and reduces the need for data storage space, eliminating data transmission to the cloud. Keeping you in control of your data. Melena and Geoff learn from Bosch product manager Kaustubh Gandhi and research scientist Thomas Nilsson what went into the development of this new approach to fitness trackers. That jumping jacks sometimes can get out of control, however, is a different story. Melena can tell you about it.