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Bosch Sensortec

Bosch Sensortec wins 2016 Best of Sensors Expo Award

BMF055, the industry's first custom programmable 9-axis motion sensor was recognized for Innovation

Reutlingen, Germany – July 1, 2016

Bosch Sensortec has been named a 2016 Best of Sensors Expo Award winner. A gold level award winner, the company’s BMF055 was recognized as the industry's first custom programmable 9-axis motion sensor by Sensors Magazine. Mat Dirjish, Executive Editor of the magazine, presented the award at the 2016 Sensors Expo & Conference on Wednesday, June 22, 2016.

The BMF055 from Bosch Sensortec’s Application-Specific Sensor Node (ASSN) family, combines an accelerometer, a gyroscope and a magnetometer with a Cortex M0+ processor from Atmel’s SAMD20 microcontroller family. In a compact, 5.2 x 3.8 x 1.1 mm³ single package, it provides high level functionality in a "one stop shop" solution, greatly simplifying integration for customers. The sensor is ideal for applications such as robotics, drones, gaming and navigation systems, which demand a customized system-in-package solution. With its comprehensive software development package, designers can now create highly-customized sensor systems that meet their exact application requirements.

“The market for sensors and sensor-related technologies has continued to gain significant momentum over the past year. From IoT to wearables, drones to energy harvesting, the real-world implications of this technology are far-reaching and we have only just begun to see the extent of the impact,” said Dirjish. “We are thrilled to highlight the market’s most innovative applications and congratulate Bosch Sensortec, along with all the other winners, on their industry-leading advancements.”


“We are very proud to have been awarded for our achievements in the ASSN sensor category. We see this award as the culmination of intensive development work by our engineers, focusing on performance characteristics in real-world applications. This approach has borne fruit, and we are looking forward to continuing on this path by adding further functions, reducing package size and providing innovative problem-solving solutions to our customers,” said Jeanne Forget, VP Global Marketing, Bosch Sensortec. “

Mat Dirjish, Executive Editor of the Sensors Magazine

The annual Best of Sensors Expo awards program honors the most exciting new products on display at the Sensors Expo & Conference. All entries were judged on the basis of potential impact, application, distinctiveness, timeliness, and availability. For more information on the award program, please visit