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Bosch Sensortec

Markt & Technik `Manager of the Year´ Award

We are pleased to announce that Stefan Finkbeiner has been recognized for his top of the class managerial skills by the renowned magazine Markt & Technik. He has been presented with the `Manager of the Year´ Award for the category Sensors.

Stefan Finkbeiner, Bosch Sensortec CEO, with his `Manager of the Year´Award: Sensors, during the award ceremony organized by Markt & Technik, on 2nd June at Chiemsee.

In November 2015, the editorial team of Market & Technik created 10 categories for the award, and presented its readers with a list of managers to select from within each category.

Over 7000 registered voters from both Markt & Technik and Elektroniknet took part in the selection process, which was made available online. The process was under the supervision of the market research institute IFAK, which was also responsible for the final counting of the votes.

Three shortlisted managers per category were invited to the award ceremony at the annual M&T Summit on 2nd and 3rd June. The prizes were given at the prestigious Gut Ising at Chiemsee. As well as the award ceremony, there was a discussion panel and networking, with over 50 top managers present at the idyllic location at the foot of the Alps.

We would like to congratulate Mr. Finkbeiner on being recognized by the industry for his resourcefulness and clear vision leadership, which is why, together with his team, Bosch Sensortec is not only a pioneer, but a leader in the sensors industry.