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Gas Sensor BME690

4-in1. Air quality. Specific gas sensing.


Environmental sensing with Artificial Intelligence

A dog's nose has up to 220 million olfactory cells. Sniffer dogs have an incredible nose and can even sniff out forbidden substances. Inspired by the animal's super-sensitive organ, the BME690 detects spoiled fruit or bad breath, for example. The BME690 is further developed on BME688, with increased robustness for use in environments with high condensation levels. It can measure gas, humidity, temperature and air pressure simultaneously and is the world's smallest 4-in-1 air quality sensor (3.0 x 3.0 x 0.93 mm³).

The BME690 is ideal for monitoring indoor air quality and can detect Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), volatile sulfur compounds (VSCs) and other gases such as carbon monoxide and hydrogen.

BME690 has a gas scanner function also. In standard configuration, the presence of VSCs is being detected as indicator for e.g. bacteria growth. And the gas scanner can be customized with respect to sensitivity, selectivity, data rate and power consumption as well. The BME AI-Studio tool enables customers to train the BME690 gas scanner on their specific application, like in home appliances, IoT products or Smart Home.

Technical data

Parameter Technical data
Package dimensions
Technical data
3.0 x 3.0 x 0.93 mm³
8-Pin LGA with metal
Operation range (full accuracy)
Technical data
Pressure: 300...1100 hPa
Humidity 0…100%
Temperature: -40…85°C
Supply voltage VDDIO
Supply voltage VDD
Technical data
1.2 ... 3.6 V
1.71 ... 3.6 V
Technical data
I²C (up to 3.4 MHz) and SPI (3 and 4 wire, up to 10 MHz)
Average typical current consumption
Technical data
2.1 µA at 1 Hz for h/T
3.1 µA at 1 Hz for p/T
3.7 µA at 1 Hz for h/p/T
50 µA at ULP mode for p/h/T/air quality
0.9 mA at LP mode for p/h/T/air quality
3.9 mA in standard gas scan mode
Gas sensor

Sensor-to-sensor deviation (IAQ)
IAQ Operating modes

Major sensor outputs
Technical data

± 15% ± 15 IAQ
3 sec (LP) and 300 sec (ULP)

Index for Air Quality (IAQ), bVOC- & CO2-equivalents (ppm)
Humidity sensor
Response time
Accuracy tolerance
Technical data

1 s (τ0-63%)
± 3 % relative humidity
≤ 1.5 % relative humidity
Pressure sensor
RMS Noise
Sensitivity Error
Temperature coefficient offset
Technical data

0.12 Pa (equiv. to 1.7 cm)
± 0.25 %
±1.3 Pa/K (equiv. to ±10.9 cm at 1°C temperature change)
Temperature sensor
Absolute accuracy
Technical data

±0.5 °C (0-65°C)


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Applications and solutions

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Smart home

Imagine you get up on a cold day and the bathroom is heated the way you prefer it. When you leave home, sensor-activated intrusion detection gives you peace of mind during the day. Our sensing solutions enable many smart home applications, enhancing your well-being.

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Smartwatches, wristbands and smart clothes: whether supporting your fitness through calorie counting or helping you orient yourself though navigation, our accurate and ultra-low power sensing solutions turn a regular wearable into your daily companion!

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