Today it's possible to regulate the lighting, heating and various home appliances in your home? Billions of objects are becoming connected to the internet, including vehicles, homes, machines and many other things that make up our everyday lives. MEMS sensors are able to measure temperature and control devices, e.g. sound an alarm when a measured object overheats.

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Bosch sensor inside - Portable environmental monitor

If you ask Radu Motisan, a software engineer from Romania, about his motivation for developing and building a portable environmental monitor (called uRADMonitor), his answer is clear: He wanted to build a device, which would increase the quality of everyone’s environment, at home, at the workplace, everywhere. A device, which would help to increase everyone’s well-being, something that would simply makes our lives better and which would fight air pollution on a global scale. He successfully mastered his mission.


What is the portable environmental monitor and how does it work?

The uRADMonitor is a global network of interconnected hardware devices that work as detectors for various chemical or physical pollutants. The current detectors can measure air temperature, barometric pressure, humidity, dust concentration, VOC but also Alpha, Beta and Gamma radiation. The latest uRADMonitor model D, uses the BME680 sensor from Bosch to assess air quality. Radu Mortisan refers to the BME680 as a major component of the uRADMonitor. In particular, he points out its amazing stability and performance as well as its small footprint of 3.0 x 3.0 x 0.95 mm3. The BME680 integrates a gas sensor with best-in-class air pressure, humidity and ambient air temperature sensing functions within a single package.



Sensors used in IoT and Smart home applications



The BML100PI module provides a complete, ready-to-use solution for interactive projection, enabling highly flexible virtual touchscreens.


The BMA400 is an ultra-small and ultra-low power acceleration sensor for wearables and IoT applications.


The BME680 integrates sensors for gas, pressure, humidity and temperature. The integrated gas sensor within the BME680 can detect a broad range of gases to measure air quality for personal well being.


The BMA455 has been designed for best possible fit into modern mobile consumer electronics and IoT devices .



and many more sensors of our product portfolio can be used for IoT / Smart home applications.