• Product Description


    BMI088 is a high-performance 6-axis inertial sensor consisting of a 16-bit digital, triaxial, ±24g accelerometer and a 16-bit digital, triaxial, ±2000°/s gyroscope. BMI088 allows highly accurate measurement of orientation and detection of motion along three orthogonal axes.

    With high vibration robustness and small footprint of 3 x 4.5 x 0.95 mm³, BMI088 is unique in the class of high-performance IMUs used in harsh environments such as those in drones and robotics applications. BMI088 is specifically designed to effectively suppress vibrations that could occur due to resonances on the pcb or the structure of the total system. Apart from high vibration robustness, the excellent temperature stability of BMI088 helps reduce the design effort and costs on a system level.


    - Drones and flying toys

    - Industrial robots, hover boards

    - Domestic appliances (e.g. vacuum cleaners, social robots, etc.)


    Drone Applications

    Excellent stability, accurate heading and precise altitude measurement: The performance, vibration robustness and temperature stability of the BMI088 greatly enhance the drone flying experience by making accurate steering easier even in naturally high-vibration environments. The BMI088 is compatible for use with other Bosch sensors, e.g. BMP38x for altitude measurement and BMM150 for heading.

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    Robotics Applications

    The BMI088 is a great choice for robotics applications, including industrial robots, domestic appliances such as vacuum cleaners and social robots, as well as e.g. hoverboards. To achieve consistent and reliable navigation accuracy, BMI088 suppresses the vibrations coming for example from rough terrain and built-in motors.



    Other sensors in the same category



    The BMI085 is a high-performance IMU specifically designed for Augmented/Virtual Reality (AR/VR) applications.


    The BMP388 is a very small, low-power and highly accurate absolute barometric pressure sensor. The sensor enables accurate altitude tracking and is specifically suited for drone applications.


    BMM150 is a low power and low noise 3-axis digital geomagnetic sensor to be used in compass applications. Due to the stable performance over a large temperature range, the BMM150 is also especially suited for supporting drones in accurate heading.


    The BMI160 is an ultra-small, low power, low noise 16 bit inertial measurement unit designed for mobile applications like Augmented Reality applications or indoor navigation which require highly accurate, real-time sensor data. This MEMS sensor is available in a compact 14-pin 2.5 x 3.0 x 0.8 mm³ LGA package.



    The BMI055 is an small, 6-axis inertial MEMS sensor, consisting of a digital, 3-axis, 12 bit acceleration sensor and a digital, 3-axis, 16 bit gyroscope with a footprint of only 3 x 4.5 mm².

  • Technical data
    Parameter Technical data
    Digital resolution Accelerometer (A): 16-bit
    Gyroscope (G): 16-bit
    Resolution (A): 0.09 mg
    (G): 0.004°/s
    Measurement range and sensitivity
    ± 3 g: 10920 LSB/g
    ± 6 g: 5460 LSB/g
    ± 12 g: 2730 LSB/g
    ± 24 g: 1365 LSB/g
    ± 125°/s: 262.144 LSB/°/s
    ± 250°/s: 131.072 LSB/°/s
    ± 500°/s: 65.536 LSB/°/s
    ± 1000°/s: 32.768 LSB/°/s
    ± 2000°/s: 16.384 LSB/°/s
    Zero offset (typ. Over life-time) (A): ± 20 mg
    (G): ± 1°/s
    TCO (A): ± 0.2 mg/K
    (G): ± 0.015 °/s/K
    Noise density (typ.) (A): 175 μg/√Hz
    (G): 0.014 °/s/√Hz
    Bandwidths (progr.) 5 Hz … 523Hz
    Selectable output data rates 12.5 Hz ... 2 kHz
    Digital inputs/outputs SPI, I²C,
    4x digital interrupts
    Supply voltage (VDD) 2.4 … 3.6 V
    I/0 supply voltage (VDDIO) 1.2 … 3.6 V
    Temperature range -40 … +85°C
    Current consumption (full operation) 5.15 mA
    LGA package 3 x 4.5 x 0.95 mm³
  • Downloads
    Type of document Download
    Flyer BST-BMI088-FL000
    Datasheet BST-BMI088-DS001
    Handling, soldering & mounting instructions BST-MIS-HS000
    Shuttle board flyer BST-DHW-FL025
    Application note (FIFO usage) BST-MIS-AN005
    Driver BMI08x sensor API
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