Meet and experience Bosch Sensortec live!

Note the dates of upcoming events that Bosch Sensortec is attending all over the world from trade fairs to internationally-renowned events.



WTC World Trade Center, Grenoble, France

September 26, 2019

Speaking opportunity Markus Ulm: "Software magic with MEMS sensors – enabling new consumer electronic applications" (09:30 - 09:55 am)

MEMS & Sensors Executive Congress

Marriott Coronado Island, Coronado, CA, USA

October 22-24, 2019

Speaking opportunity Dr. Stefan Finkbeiner: "How software makes MEMS sensors into smart systems"

European Commission Workshop on Bioelectronics and Wearable Systems

Avenue de Beaulieu 25 - 0/S1, Brussels, Belgium

October 22, 2019

Speaking opportunity Dr. Peter Weigand: "Setting the scene of Smart Systems World" (09:30 am)

Workshop: Advanced porous materials for industry: Metal-Organic frameworks, porous polymers & beyond

ENS - Département de chimie, Paris, France

October 30, 2019

Speaking opportunity Dr. Richard Fix: "Environmental sensing materials – technical requirements and market gaps in the consumer electronics industry" (3:30 - 4:00 pm)


Microtech Innovation Summit 2019

Inaugural Conference and Exibition, San Jose, California, USA

November 5-7, 2019

Speaking opportunity Marcellino Gemelli: "The process of creating MEMS sixth senses"

Edge AI Summit

Computer History Museum, Mountain View, CA, USA

November 21, 2019

Speaking opportunity Marcellino Gemelli: "The Process of Creating MEMS Sixth Senses" (09:30 am)

Future of SensorTech Summit

Mercure Hotel MOA, Berlin, Germany

December 5, 2019

Speaking opportunity Dr. Wolfgang Schmitt-Hahn: "Software enabling MEMS sensors for new consumer electronic applications" (11:00 am)

CES 2020

Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC), Las Vegas, NV, USA

January 7 - 10, 2020