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    The BMA400 is the first real ultra-low power acceleration sensor without compromising on performance. Featuring 12-bit digital resolution, continuous measurement and a defined selectable bandwidth combined with ultra-low power the BMA400 allows low-noise measurement of accelerations in three perpendicular axes. The BMA400 thus senses tilt, orientation, tab/double tab, and enables plug ’n’ play step counting with activity recognition especially suited for wearable devices, which need a long-lasting battery lifetime. Thanks to the continuous measurement principle and always-defined bandwidth, the BMA400 is the ideal solution for smart home applications such as smart indoor climate systems and smart home security systems. In the latter, the BMA400 can distinguish between real alarm situations like broken glass and false signals coming from random vibrations. Thereby, the new acceleration sensor avoids false alarms.


    • IoT and smart home applications (e.g. indoor climate systems, security systems)
    • Activity tracking and step counting in wearable devices (e.g. fitness bands, smart and regular watches, hearables)
    • Industrial applications (e.g. predictive maintenance, package tracking)
    • Power management of consumer end-devices based on motion


    IoT Applications

    The BMA400 enables highly precise angle and vibration measurement, making the sensor particularly interesting for IoT applications. In smart homes, the energy-saving BMA400 can recognize whether windows are open, tilted, or closed, for example, making it possible to set air conditioning or heating systems accordingly and save energy. When installed in doors and windows, the BMA400 detects motion and vibrations, helping deter burglaries.

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    Wearable Applications

    Due to its ultra-low current step counter and intelligent power management features like built-in activity recognition, the BMA400 can effectively help wearable devices such as fitness bands, smart clothes, watches and activity trackers to achieve unprecedented battery life.

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  • Technical data
    Parameter Technical data
    Measurement range ±2 g, ±4 g, ±8 g, ±16 g
    Digital resolution 12 bit
    Output Data Rate (ODR) 12.5 Hz to 800 Hz
    Low path filter bandwidth Selectable 0.48xODR or 0.24xODR
    Current consumption (independent from ODR due to continuous measurement) Max. performance: 14.5 μA
    Typical use case: 5.8 μA
    Low power use case: 3.5μA
    Noise density Max. performance: 180 μg/√Hz (Z: x 1.45)
    Typical use case: 300 μg/√Hz (Z: x 1.45)
    Low power: 415 μg/√Hz (Z: x 1.45)
    Ultra low power / Auto-wake-up mode 800 nA @ 25 Hz ODR
    Embedded features
    • Step counter (< 4 μA overall)
    • Activity recognition (walking, running, standing still)
    • Activity change
    • Orientation
    • Tab/Double tab (< 8 μA overall)
    • General interrupt 1 and 2 (programmable via thresholds, timer, logical AND/OR operations)
    • 1 kB FIFO
    Offset ±80 mg
    TCO ±1 mg/K
    Interface SPI & I²C & 2 Interrupt pins
    Supply voltage 1.71 V up to 3.6 V
    Package 12 pin LGA 2x2x0.95 mm³
  • Downloads
    Type of document Download
    Flyer BST-BMA400-FL000
    Datasheet BST-BMA400-DS000
    Shuttle board flyer BST-DHW-FL035
    Driver BMA400 API
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