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Smart sensor combining accelerometer, gyroscope and fusion software

The small BHI160B is a low-power smart sensor for motion sensing and data processing. BHI160B perfectly matches the requirements of applications, which demand highly accurate, real-time motion data at very low power consumption such as wearables. BHI160B integrates a 3-axis gyroscope, a 3-axis accelerometer and a programmable microcontroller. The sensor also contains pre-installed fusion software and specific algorithms that enable always-on motion sensing. The BHI160B offers a perfect solution for wearables, mobile technologies and remote controls for smart TVs and AR/VR controllers.

Technical data

Parameter Technical data
Package dimension
Technical data
3.0 × 3.0 × 0.95 mm³
Temperature ranges
Technical data
-40 °C ...+85 °C
Supply voltage (VDDI0)
Technical data
1.6 V … 3.3 V
Supply voltage (VDD)
Technical data
1.71 V ... 3.6 V
Microcontroller Bosch Sensortec "fuser core"
Technical data
32-bit floating-point ARC EM4 MCU running at 10 MHz
1.6 DMIPS/MHz performance, 3.41 CoreMarks/MHz
96 kByte ROM, 48 kByte shared RAM for FIFO, features & extension
optimized for ultra-low power sensor data fusion
Typ. current consumption
- Full 9DoF Fusion @100 Hz ODR¹
- Hub+IMU @100 Hz ODR
- Hub+Gyro @100 Hz ODR
- Hub+Acc @100 Hz ODR
- Activity recognition
- Significant motion
- Step detector
- Suspend mode
Technical data

1,6 mA
1,2 mA
1 mA
310 μA
150 μA
128 μA
131 μA
11 μA
Sensor fusion performance
- Static accuracy
- Dynamic accuracy
- Calibration time¹
- Orientation stabilization time
- Step counting error
- Activity recognition accuracy
Technical data

[Head., Pitch, Roll] = 2, 2, 2, degrees
[Head., Pitch, Roll] = 7, 2, 2, degrees
<1 second
0.2 seconds
Precision: 85...97%⁴ Recall: 83...95%⁴
Implemented Sensor Types² with integrated IMU only
Technical data
Accelerometer, gravity, linear acceleration,gyroscope, gyroscope uncalibrated, game rotation vector, step counter, step detector, significant motion, tilt detector, pickup gesture, wake up gesture, glance gesture,activity recognition of standing, running, biking, in vehicle
Implemented Sensor Types² with attached magnetometer
Technical data
Geomagnetic field, magnetic field uncalibrated, orientation vector, rotation vector, geomagnetic rotation vector

¹ With attached Magnetometer

² Full Android sensor stack is supported by connecting additional sensors to the BHI160

³ False positives <9 counts within 5 min while driving

⁴ Dependent on activity




Woman taking a picture of New York City

Smartphones & tablets

Did you know that you most likely have a Bosch MEMS sensor in your pocket? More than every second smartphone and tablet worldwide contains at least one of these tiny helpers. Working invisibly inside smartphones and tablets, Bosch MEMS sensors stabilize images, detect gestures and activities, rotate your screen and count your steps.

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