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White paper: Wi-Fi 6E/7 – Vertical location service

by NextNav and Bosch Sensortec

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Whether at home, in the office, or on the go, we rely on Wi-Fi to connect devices wirelessly in countless places. Wi-Fi 6E/7 has been adopted by many countries to reduce the growing demand for congestion, improve bandwidth and increase speed. Wi-Fi 6E/7 providers are required by FCC regulation FCC-20-51 to report to the AFCs the height above ground of Wi-Fi APs operating at the higher SP power level and in 6 GHz spectrum. For access point installers and system operators, a solution that provides an automated method for recording the vertical location of access points is needed to meet the FCC requirement in a cost-effective manner. One way to address this challenge is to use a barometric pressure-based solution that is able to provide the exact value of the height above the ground for each Wi-Fi AP. Learn more about how our sensing solutions BMP581 and BMP580 can be used for this use case and download the whitepaper presented by NextNav and Bosch Sensortec.

Download the white paper vertical location service for Wi-Fi 6E/7:

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